Feb 172021

Narnia is once again ready for another studio album! After 25 years we’re still on a mission to uplift our Creator and our savior Jesus Christ through our music! Help us to reach out to the World with Heavenly Music in this time!

We have written and selected new songs, and we are right now in the process of writing lyrics and melodies. Recordings are scheduled to start in February and keep going throughout the year. Distributors along with concert promotors have shown interest, so we hope to get back on the road with a new album in 2022!

We have avoided this as long as we possibly could, but time has come for us to investigate new ways to secure sufficient funding of our projects. We’re reaching out to all of you who are either loyal followers since decades or just happened to stumble across our music and liked what you heard, to seriously consider helping us to reach our goal – EUR 25.000 – for our coming production. This will cover the production in its entirety including artwork, photos, video production and basic PR costs.

Please support our fundraising campaign for a NEW NARNIA ALBUM.

Thank you and God bless you all!

Gofundme Fundraiser

“From Darkness To Light” is the Narnia’s eight studio album and has been released 2nd August 2019.

Our review can be found here.

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