Nov 192018

Doom/Gothic band from Skopje, Macedonia, My Darkest Time have released an album teaser of the upcoming album “Dawn”. The video can be streamed below.  A release date of the new album is currently unknown, but we will keep you informed.

A first taste was released last June, listen to the brand new song ‘Two Angels’ below.

The new album will be the follow-up to “The Last” which has been released on 31 August 2016 via Inverse Records.

Since last year Zarko Atanasova and Marina Atanasova are Joined by 2 new members: Zoran Petrovski (Zoc) on lead guitar and Martin Atanasov on vocals.

1. Two Angels
2. Mad
3. Don’t Leave…
4. Dawn
5. Take us Away
6. Open, O doors
7. Embodiments Of Dreams
8. Lord Have Mercy

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Video (audio) for “Dawn” (Teaser)

Video (audio) for ‘Two Angels’



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