Sep 102011

Bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe of Australian Christian metallers Mortification has issued the following update due to the new upcoming 15th. Mortification studio album Scribe Of The Pentateuch.

Each Friday for the past month I have been answering The Question Of The Week sent from you guys! Thank You so much for the great Questions that you are all sending! It is becoming difficult to choose which one to answer! However, please keep emailing your Questions to me at and keep watching YouTube each week to see if your question gets answered. Simply Type Steve Rowe Question Of The Week into YouTube to check out the ones I have already done. All Questions are on YouTube Mortification2010’s Channel if you wish to go directly there to view them. Also of course each week they are up 1st on the Infiltration Squad Facebook and will soon also be up on both the Mortification and Wonrowe Vision ReverbNation Channels!

With both Mortification and Wonrowe Vision I am rehearsing very hard towards performing Both Bands Live beginning early next year! I am planning to have the 15th Mort Studio Release “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” available January 1st to Fully Feed Your Hungry Ears! The songs are Very Brutal in The Vein of Early Mort. There will always (as usual) be some surprises but I promise that there is no Rock or Punk influence this time around. It is ALL BOMBASTIC AND BRUTAL EXTREME METAL!!

Please come and join me in the Infiltration Squad and check out all the Hard-Copy Stock available in the Store at Please also check out all of our releases on iTunes and other credible Pay Download sites!  Please keep us in your prayers as there are always forces working against anything I do with Mortification,  stay Metal For Jesus!

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