Sep 072020

Brutal death metal band Taking The Head Of Goliath recently reported the following:

Welcome Mr. Miles Sunde of Crimson Thorn fame to Taking The Head Of Goliath!!! We’re back to full force as a five piece and are currently writing for our sophmore full length to be titled “Futility Of The Flesh” set to be released on Rottweiler Records. Prepare yourselves for next level TTHOG!!!

On August 30th, the band was live on facebook, watch the video below.

Geplaatst door Taking The Head Of Goliath op Zondag 30 augustus 2020

From the most innocuous and innocent origins come the greatest stories—tales of the underdog conquering the oppressive forces that be, turning the tides against all odds to vanquish evil and emerge victorious, a stalwart and obelisk to the forces of good. Despite their punishing and intense style of bone-breaking, skin-shredding brutal death metal, the Twin Cities-based, Taking The Head Of Goliath are such a story. Beginning from the ashes of previous projects with the goal of creating a Christ-centered, more-crushing-than-a-ten-ton-bulldozer amalgam of brutal death metal with all the genre’s various technical, grinding and thrashy subgenres to completely obliterate the sensibilities of their listeners. Taking The Head Of Goliath—while on one hand, are precisely as violent and intimidating as their name might imply—are a force for life; a driving and dedicated display of a love for all things death metal that simply demands to be heard.

Spawned from the murky depths of the Minnesota metal scene in 2015 by former bandmates Jake Martin, Matt Vangsgard and Nathan Sherman, Taking The Head Of Goliath was founded with the intent of forming furious and ferocious death metal that could be only descibed as “Beyond Brutal”.  Together, the trio quickly began working at writing and perfecting their tedious-yet-terrifying blend of incinerating technicality and pulverizing grinding death metal with hints of slam and thrash enough to add unpredictable depth and originality to their sound. Built upon a foundation of mach-speed drumming and fleetly-fingered fretwork and topped off with varied, visceral and eviscerating vocals, Taking The Head Of Goliath expeditiously began searching the Twin Cities underground to harvest it’s finest musicians to complete their lineup.  This goal was realized with the addition of second guitarist Rob Blake, the incidental addition of bassist Luke Renno (formerly of Crimson Thorn), and the eventual addition of drummer, Steve Reishus (formerly of Crimson Thorn).

Taking The Head Of Goliath performed their ensemble debut opening for Christian metalcore giants For Today on their farewell tour in late 2016—recording their set for a series of live videos to use to tease their content…as well as earn the attention of multinational record label Rottweiler Records. With a successful label signing under their belt and an entire EP’s worth of material set to record and release in mid-2017, Taking The Head Of Goliath are gearing up to take more than just the head of a biblical giant—but rather, the head of the entire heavy music community in one fell swoop with the newly released, self-titled e.p.

TTHOG‘s self-titled e.p has been released July 6th. 2018 via Rottweiler Records. Our review can be found here.

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