Mar 202019

The Italian melodic metal band Kalidia has signed a deal with Desert Rose Agency. The Dutch bookingsagency will represent the band exclusive in The Netherlands and Belgium and non-exclusive in Europe. This Spring the first results of this co-operation will be made public.

Kalidia with female vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini is a fast rising star within the melodic metalscene. Since the release of their third album “The Frozen Throne” (2018, Innerwound Recordings) the name of the band is spreading fast all over Europe. The band can be seen on festivals in England, Switzerland and Italy. Because of the co-operation with Desert Rose Agency the band hopes to get shows in The Netherlands and Belgium as well.

Nicoletta about the deal: ,,We are really excited about this partnership with Desert Rose Agency since we’ve followed their great work for other bands, epecially for the Italian ones. We really can’t wait to play for the first time in countries like Belgium and The Netherlands where our fanbase has always been strong. It’s finally time to meet you all there!”

Desert Rose Agency is an independent bookingsagency. Amongst the bands on the roster are Theocracy(USA), Sleeping Romance (ITA), Morgarten (CH), Within Silence (SK) and Leonov (NO). Also the agency has done European tours with for example Wind Rose (ITA),  Welicoruss (RUS), Nightland (ITA) and Undawn (NL).

Our review of Kalidia‘s latest album “The Frozen Throne” can be found here.

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Music video for ‘Frozen Throne’



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