Sep 122018

Ten 33 was an American Christian hardcore band, where they primarily play a hardcore punk style of music. They come from Richmond, Virginia. The band started making music in 2002 … The band released, a studio album, “Emergency! Emergency!,” in 2003, with Blood and Ink Records. Their subsequent album, “Nightmare on Grace St., “ was released from Blood and Ink Records, in 2005. This would be their final release, as they disbanded in July 2006.

Recently we received the following message from Ten 33 vocalist Stephen Poore:

Last year, our record label asked us to record a song, after an 11 year hiatus, for a compilation on the label. That comp was never released, so we are releasing the song and making it available for people that might be interested. I doubt many people will know who we are, but perhaps the lyrics will cause someone to be thoughtful and an advocate for their neighbors.

‘Sinking Ships’ can be streamed in the Soundcloud-player below.


Feeling so tired, feeling so misunderstood, my sails are weary, my ship will sink for good. Endless conversations, social inequalities, My brothers and sisters subjected to this hierarchy.

You’re a false prophet embodied by your own self-serving greed. You bring hope to its knees. In your system, a system built on pride – the evidence mounts against kingdom’s side.

I won’t let, the hungry stand alone. Each of your voices has a mouth tightly sewn.

My walls torn down to give what I own. I’ll stand to neighbor, I’ll rise to make you known.

I’ll speak for justice, to carry your lament home. Press through this judgment and fight power with love.

Sinkings ships and sewn tight lips.

My heart will win, my love will reign.

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