Sep 162018

Levels are thrilled to unveil a playthrough video for ‘Cosmic Waves’ — off their debut record, released earlier this summer. To watch or listen, and likely take a walk down memory lane — who hasn’t been to a talent show?- The video ca be seen below.

The Progressive Metalcore outlet borrowed a spacious setting to accommodate themselves, and demonstrate each and every note behind the composition; the empty stage is suddenly occupied with their presence.

The quintet’s latest effort, “Levels” – Mastered by Joey Sturgis and featuring guest vocals such as Myke Terry of Volumes —— is available worldwide through Famined Records as of June 15, 2018.

Levels is a project from Little Rock, Arkansas, which consists of Jake Sanders (Vocalist), Dalton Kennerly(Drummer, Vocalist), Rob Mathews (Guitarist), Jager Felice (Guitarist), and Jacob Hubbard (Bassist); they’re reminiscent of acts such as Wage War, Novelists, Volumes. Their compositions shift, bringing versatility within macro and micro scales; while keeping intact an aptitude to create contagious hooks, and choruses.

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