Sep 112018

Here is Dream Patrol‘s new video for the song ‘The Shortest Straw’. The band states: “No, it is not a Metallica cover 🙂 It’s an original classic rock / hard rock / blues song with a 70s feel. The lyrics are about how small and helpless we feel, when we face forces of nature or something we don’t know. That sounds quite scary, but the vibe of the groove is pretty relaxing. We hope you will like it. When you do, please leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel.”

The track appears on their upcoming debut album “Phantoms Of The Past” which will be released Sept. 21st via Mighty Music. The video can be seen below.

Dream Patrol is an international hard rock / classic rock band founded by Ronnie König (Signum Regis) in 2016. The band members are from USA, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic.

The inspiration for the band name comes from the 80s horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, in which a demon-like creature would attack you while you were sleeping. With Dream Patrol you shall fear no more. It is a special office of combat against mind-invaders, working for you overtime, whenever you put on your headphones and start daydreaming.

The band started recording the debut album in 2016. Radim Večeřa recorded all drum tracks during a 2 day studio session in the summer of 2016 in Senec, Slovakia. Ronnie started recording his bass parts shortly after. The first 3 songs, that Filip Koluš (Signum Regis) recorded were Dream Patrol, Get Back Home and Playing With Fire. These 3 songs were used for the singer auditions. A couple of really talented singers took part in it. The band chose to have Eli Prinsen (The Sacrificed, ex Sacred Warrior) as the lead singer.

Since the line-up was completed, the band has been recording one song after the other. In spring 2018, demos were sent to record labels. Several offers from European and US labels were received. The band decided to sign a deal with Scandinavian premier Rock / Metal label – Mighty Music.

The debut album is called “Phantoms Of The Past” and will be released on Sep 21st 2018.

1. Dream Patrol
2. Get Back Home
3. Tattooed Millionaire From Panama
4. The Shortest Straw
5. Phantoms Of The Past
6. Lost Child
7. Stand Up And Fight
8. Time Is A Healer
9. Piece Of Paradise
10. Is That The Thanks I Get
11. Playing With Fire
13. Haunted Tower

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Band members:
Eli Prinsen – lead & backing vocals
Filip Koluš – lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, banjo
Ronnie König – bass guitar, backing vocals, programming
Libor Křivák – lead & rhythm guitars
Radim Večeřa – drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

Video for ‘The Shortest Straw’

Lyric video for ‘Get Back Home’

Lyric video for ‘Dream Patrol’



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