Hands – “New Heaven/New Earth” (ep)

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Jul 182017

Hands is a progressive Rock/ Ambient/ Hardcore band that was formed in Fargo, North Dakota in 2007. They independently released their debut- EP “The Everlasting” in 2008 and then they wrote their first complete concept album “The Sounds Of Earth” which was released by the now defunct Lobster/Oort records. In 2009 Hands was signed to Facedown records where they released their sophomore album “Creator”. After a brief hiatus they started writing their second album on Facedown and in 2011 “Give Me Rest” saw the light. Now six years later they are back with a two-track EP, let’s give it a listen and see what we think of it.

The first of two tracks ‘New Heaven’ is heavy right from the start with the typical emotional screams of Shane, who we also know from his other band Everything in Slow Motion. His screams flow fluently into clean vocals at the quieter parts of the song. At about the half of the song it is al slowing down to build up again to epic/bombastic proportions. The song lingers with passion and ends with a dissonant sound.

The second, and last, track is called ‘New Earth’ which is more of a spheric ballad. This is a song that is packed with emotion and begins really quiet and mellow. Slowly but certainly the song proceeds and is building up in a way only Hands can master. Slowly the drums and guitars flow into the song. This is a typical track that takes you from this mortal earth into spheres in the heavenly realm. Just Beautiful!

Well this was probably the shortest review I have ever done, but it was worth the while. Production wise everything is also in order. Can’t think of a thing that I don’t like on this EP. The only point of criticism is that the two songs from time to time sound a bit like Everything in Slow Motion. But hey, that is kind of logic…. I like both bands anyway so for me it is no problem.

Rating: 9/10

Written by: René Woning

1. New Heaven
2. New Earth

Band members:
Shane – Guitars/Vocals
Chris – Bass
Josh – Drums

The Everlasting – EP” (2008)
The Sounds Of Earth” (2009)
Creator” (2009)
Give Me Rest” (2011)
New Heaven/New Earth – EP” (2017)

Record label: Facedown records, February 2017

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘New Heaven’

Video for ‘New Earth’

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