Nov 062016

fallstar_2016_339Fallstar has released a music video for ‘Radio (NW Hesh)’ which comes of the band’s third studio album “Future Golden Age” which has been released December 8, 2015. They were able to release the album independently as a result of a successful Kickstarter, exceeding the request amount of $5,500. In addition to putting out the album on their own, it allowed the band to create this music video. The video was directed by vocalist Chris Ratzlaff, with additional footage coming from Ratzlaff and his wife, Tiffany.

“This album was crowdfunded and made by possible our friends and fans. Rat Family Records is DIY at its best, and we are so thankful to you for making it possible for us to keep releasing music and making videos. Much Love!”

From Portland, OR come Fallstar, an unrestrained group of artists and musicians who draw just as much inspiration from their local punk and hardcore scene as they do from their hometown in general. “Our city is known for its global perspective, sustainable living, care for the homeless, and having ideas that challenge long-standing traditions and beliefs. So we’ve developed this way of thinking that is energized by our doubts and ideas. We’re a west coast band, we’re relaxed and not afraid of new things.”

Fallstar love the mercurial atmosphere of a live show, and so write true to their genre with sing-alongs and crowd participation. The influences of hardcore and metal are there, but they aren’t restrictive. The band spends countless hours layering and composing their songs to achieve the balance they desire. “Our music isn’t incredibly technical, so there’s lots of room for swinging guitars, jumping off things, chipped teeth and stitches.”


01. What Roberta Sparrow Said 02:47
02. SPIT 03:17
03. Circle Above Me(A Silent Voice) 04:15
04. Death Worship 03:40
05. Impossible Dreamers(MFTM) 04:11
06. Summit 03:39
07. Write My Name in Gold 03:10
08. Radio(NW Hesh) 03:21
09. Interlude 01:04
10. Slaves 03:17
11. Under the Gun 03:36
12. Dance in the Desert 03:58
13. This is My E.L.F. Weapon 01:25
14. Eros & Psyche 04:12
15. Divine Spark 04:31
16. Outro 01:03

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter

Video below: ‘Radio (NW Hesh)’

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