Oct 072013

Dorean LivesRed Cord Records has announced that they will be releasing Dorean Lives debut album “A Cold Fire From The One I Loved” November 5th. The twelve track release was pieced together over a series of three years and was nearly sidelined by the cycling through of over eight different members, loss of recording funds, and health issues in this span. Logan Freeman on this experience, “I had it in my head that these songs were worth something…that every experience, lyric line and note funneled through these songs were worth the struggle to that end result of getting the songs to the people that need them the most.”

In an effort to expand the world of the album, Dorean Lives are going to support each song through film. Logan expanded on this premise, “I’ve written a central narrative based on a series of dreams that were too thematic to let slide back into my subconscious, so what we’re doing is making a music video series to support the story of “A Cold Fire From The One I Loved”. The story starts in the middle with a series of unscripted short films myself, Payten and a phenomenal film-maker named Will Stewart shot over a period of a couple of days and act as an Intermission for the entire series. The music videos will leap back and forth in time, before and after the catalyst that drove my character to the desperate act of diving into an underworld and dealing with the consequences of that choice, while coming full circle at the end.”

The band consist of: Logan Freeman – Vocals, Dustin Caldwell – Guitar, Michael Bradt – Bass, Payten Lowrey – Guitar, William Motes – Drums


Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Reverbnation

Video below ‘Shiver, Breathe, Repeat’


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