Nov 152019

Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the release of “Overwhelming Odds”, the latest release from Southern California’s old-school hockey-infused hardcore punk band Cross-Check.

The release features five new thunderously aggressive tracks with fast, catchy rhythms. Most songs coming in under two minutes:

“Overwhelming Odds” also includes the band’s debut five song demo.

1. Legs Feed The Wolf 01:07
2. You Got Heart, Kid 01:42
3. The Devil Don’t Take Holidays 02:27
4. Victorious 01:18
5. The Puck Stops Here 01:05
6. Rattle & Roll (demo) 02:29
7. Drown Your Guilt (demo) 02:00
8. Open (demo) 03:17
9. Lighthouse (demo) 02:26
10. Hard Head & Black Hearts (demo) 02:50

Available now through all commercial sites and the TPR Bandcamp page.

Cross-Check is
Chad Sengstock (vocals/guitars), Matt Morey (bass/vocals) and Chris Wallace (guitars/vocals/drums).

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