Jul 132019

Betraying The Martyrs has been forced to cancel the rest of their North American summer “Rapture” tour, including Thursday night’s (July 11) show in Orangevale, California, after being involved in a serious auto incident following the band’s show in Los Angeles.

All crew and band members are safe.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. when the trailer portion of the band’s Mercedes Sprinter van caught fire. All band and crew members were able to safely to exit the vehicle with no major injuries. Tragically, all of the band’s equipment was lost in the blaze.

Singer Aaron Matts commented: “We’re all shaken by what has happened this morning. We’re well but very heartbroken that all we have worked hard to accumulate over the years, both in musical equipment and personal belongings, has been lost in a matter of minutes. I’m grateful that we have our health, each other and were able to walk away with the clothes on our backs. We are extremely sorry to have missed another opportunity to play for those that were looking forward to see us. We’ll bounce back and we’ll see you soon. Thank you.” Continue reading »

Jun 172019

Dave Mustaine has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The Megahth leader broke the news of his diagnosis earlier today via his social media.

He wrote: “I’ve been diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s clearly something to be respected and faced head on — but I’ve faced obstacles before. I’m working closely with my doctors, and we’ve mapped out a treatment plan which they feel has a 90% success rate. Treatment has already begun.

“Unfortunately, this requires that we cancel most shows this year. The 2019 Megacruise will happen, and the band will be a part of it in some form. All up to date information will be at megadeth.com as we get it. Megadeth will be back on the road ASAP.

“Meanwhile, Kiko [Loureiro, guitar], David [Ellefson, bass], Dirk [Verbeuren, drums] and I are in the studio, working on the follow up to ‘Dystopia’ — which I can’t wait for everyone to hear.

“I’m so thankful for my whole team — family, doctors, band members, trainers, and more. Continue reading »

Jun 012019

HeartSupport has released a 15-minute documentary about As I Lay Dying‘s comeback after the band’s lead vocalist, Tim Lambesis, served two years in prison for soliciting the murder of his wife.

HeartSupport — founded by Jake Luhrs, who is the lead vocalist in August Burns Red — explained its decision to tell As I Lay Dying‘s story in a short message posted on the online nonprofit’s website.

The message reads: “In novels and movies, we love a redemption story. We love stories where our heroes fail, only to grow stronger. In real life, however, we find this concept difficult. In our digital era, we can champion shame and judgement, yet at our core, all people wanted to be loved and ask that we believe they can change.

“At HeartSupport, when an individual fails, struggles with addiction, gives into hate, relapses, but eventually chooses to change, we call this Post Traumatic Growth. There’s a distinct line in the sand between those who say they want to change, and those actively doing something about it. In As I Lay Dying‘s story, we see a group of men embracing change, standing against their past, and making waves towards growth while helping others. Their progress is at the core of what HeartSupport represents. We continue to believe all people can become more — and to that end — we stand beside men and women who decide to do so.” Continue reading »

Apr 072019

Last Friday, we reported that reunited metal band Detritus cancelled their performance at Alive Festival (Formerly known as Rock Alive). The festival would take place next month (May 17-18-19) in Zelhem, the Netherlands. At the time of writing, there was no statement from the organization, until last night:

No longer Alive…

Once in a while you will be faced with hard decisions as a festival, or are you confronted with a reality you rather wouldn’t be in. But the one we are facing now just can’t be ignored. The ticketsales for this edition of the (Rock) Alive festival have been disappointing so much that it’s no longer sensible or justified to continue. So to our deepest regrets we see no other way than to cancel the whole festival. This also puts an end to a journey that started five years ago with a whole lot of passion and enthusiasm for the Christian music scene. That even adds to the regret we feel for having to make this decision. Continue reading »

Jan 272019

Girder Records & Girder Music checked in with the following:

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