TOP 25: Most Viewed Album Reviews of 2020

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Dec 312020

Due to covid-19, it was and still is a very strange and weird year for all of us, but especially for all the artists, bands and their roadies, concert organizations, clubs and stages worldwide. A year without almost no concerts / festivals etc. But filled with lockdowns and virtual streaming concerts …. Gladly this past year has brought us again loads of decent new releases. Despite the strange situation we are dealing with, our reviewers have written many reviews. Here are the 25 most viewed reviews:

25: Pyramaze – “Epitaph” (review)
24: Judgement Day – “The Sun, the Darkness” (ep) (review)
23: Skillet – “Victorious” (review)
22: Azusa – “Loop of Yesterdays” (review)
21: Wolfpakk – “Nature Strikes Back” (review)

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TOP 25: Most Viewed Articles of 2020

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Dec 312020

The year is almost over. Here is a list of the 25 most viewed articles of the past year.

25. Italian Cellist & Composer Luca Basile (Elegy Of Madness) Releases First Solo Single (article)
24. Listen to The New Stryper Song ‘Make Love Great Again’ (article)
23. Heavy Metal Band Hellbender to Release “American Nightmare” via No Life Til Metal Records, New Music Video Released (article)
22. Evanescence Releases New Single ‘The Game Is Over’ (article)
21. Thrash Metal Project The Thlipsis Releases Debut Track ‘Darkness Breakout’ (article)

20. Brotality ‘Prisoners Of The Abyss’ – Exclusive Music Video Premiere (article)
19. Metal Band Brotality Releases “Spiral Out” Digital 45 (article)
18. No Life ‘Til Metal Records to Reissue: Banshee – “Take Em By Storm” (article)
17. India Based Progressive Metalcore Band ‘Final Surrender’ Releases New Single & Video ‘Everything To None’ (article)
16. Roxx Records to Release Vengeance Rising Limited Editions LP’s and Cd’s (article)

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Dec 232020

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis revealed last week that he had suffered burns to 25% of his body after a bonfire mishap. He announced the news on December 16th, stating on that day that he was scheduled to undergo surgical procedure to remove dead skin from the burns he incurred and had been hospitalized for several days at the time.

In an update shared last night, December 22nd, he revealed that he now expects to make a “full recovery” and described the the injuries he sustained as “the most painful experience of my life.” You can read what he had to say below

“The recovery from these burns has been the most painful experience of my life, but I’m told I will eventually have a full recovery. I have to remember that on the tough days and be grateful I have the chance to be back to doing what I love again soon, because that is not the case for everyone in the burn center…”

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Dec 162020

As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis is set to undergo surgery today after receiving burns to 25% of his body following a mishap with a bonfire. He shared the following about that earlier today, December 16th.

“Keep your head up no matter what! I’m doing the best I can to make a thumps up on my way to surgery (in about 30 minutes).

I apologize to my friends that I have not had the time to fill in yet on what happened. The entire gas cap fell off when trying to use a little from the trickle tip to get a bonfire started. Gas got all over my clothes and I ended up burning 25% of my body.

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