Nov 302016

cover_816Conventionality is an overcrowded road. The same chords and beats are duplicated en masse for the masses. Ospreyshire chose a much needed and cathartic detour.

Ospreyshire, the moniker of Illinoisan artist Curtis M. is a project that involves spoken word vocals, abstract soundscapes, and postminimalist aesthetics. His debut EP “Verses Vs. Anhedonia” is a seven poem journey that’s roughly five minutes in total length. This urgency and brevity in these tracks lend itself to this attention deficit and sound byte culture. “Verses Vs. Anhedonia” is a quick mini-concept EP that revolves around the brief psychological journey of someone who is losing interest in several hobbies and the meaning of life before slowly becoming aware that there’s some semblance of hope in this otherwise dark world. Manipulated found sounds and the occasional omnichord make appearances to give some avant-garde edge to this already experimental album. Continue reading »

Nov 242016

following_yonder_star_80aThis 2016 Holiday season Roxx Records and Christian Metal Distro have teamed up again to bring you their 4th annual end of year “Best Of” series. This year’s Best of 2016 CD, entitled “Following Yonder Star”, features cuts from all the Roxx Records titles released this year as well as some of our favorites and best sellers from our Christian Metal Distro site which features the best in Christian indie releases from 2016.

“Following Yonder Star” features cover art designed by our friends over at Frame Werks Graphics, and once again the CD is absolutely free as a part of our annual end of year Holiday sale, every order placed will receive a free copy. Check out this year’s track listing…. Continue reading »

Nov 222016

logo_evanescence_1The last concert of Evanescence‘s current U.S. tour, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Nov. 23) at The Paramount in Huntington, New York, will be streamed live on Facebook at Live Nation TV, Live Nation‘s YouTube page and on

Evanescence recently debuted a previously unheard song called ‘Take Cover’ during its North American tour. Singer Amy Lee told TeamRock about the electronic-tinged track: “We had a song in the bank and we were, like, ‘You know what the fans would really love is a new song. That’s all they ever ask for.’ So we knocked the dust off an old song called ‘Take Cover’ that we had in the bank for a while and we loved it. It’s one of our favorite moments every night on the tour. I think they like it a lot.”

Lee has not said for sure if and when Evanescence will record a new album, which would be its first since 2011. Continue reading »

Oct 312016

leah_2016_643Many people ask me about my Christian faith and how it ties into my music. You already know this about me or may have picked up on this background. I get emails & messages on a regular basis asking about this, so I thought I’d share my thoughts here for you, in case you’re curious.

I’m often asked: “Is Leah a Christian band?” And “Do you see your music as a ministry?”

I don’t often answer these questions and here’s why:

First of all, I create music because I must. If I stop for long periods of time, I get grumpy. I was born to create. It’s one of my callings in life (there are many).

Second, I view my music as art. Continue reading »