Aug 162018

While performing on stage in Las Vegas, on August 12th, 2018 at approximately 12:30 am Oz Fox had a seizure on stage. He was taken to the hospital to stabilize his vitals and was given a CAT scan & MRI. Results showed that he had 2 masses in his head, one by his ear and the other in the back of his brain. The next day he was given a spinal tap. Results stated he had no infections in his spine, so now Oz will go under testing for brain surgery biopsies.

At this time, the procedures that need to be done will not be covered on insurance. We are in the process of attempting to get him coverage, but in the meantime, his hospital bills are piling up at an enormous rate! We don’t know how much the brain biopsies will cost, nor what will happen when we get the results back–whether he will need more surgery to remove any tumors or treatment plans for healing. Continue reading »

Aug 142018

The Finnish cinematic metal band Dark Sarah will release their new album “The Golden Moth” on September 21st in Europe and North America via Inner Wound Recordings.“The Golden Moth” is the last part of the first Dark Sarah trilogy (The Chronicles). JP Leppäluoto (Charon) has joined the official lineup as The Dragon for the upcoming album. Also in the roles of The Gods you will hear featuring artists as Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus In Musica) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish). – Frontwoman Heidi Parviainen checked in with the following:

Hello my dearest Darklings! Our new album is almost here, to be exact only 38 days! ”The Golden Moth” album will end one era of Dark Sarah. For three albums I have been telling you a story about a young woman called Sarah, who has been too kind and let her self to be treated badly. She ends up being left at the altar by her fiance and she almost breaks down. But then Dark Sarah, her evil persona, wakes up and from there she starts her journey through different worlds as Dark Sarah. This trilogy is called ”The Chronicles”. It is also my own growth story, my path of becoming Dark Sarah, after I left my previous band Amberian Dawn. During this time I have learned a lot about my self and grown as a musician, story teller and a composer.

When I formed Dark Sarah I started a very ambitious project, I wanted to bring something new to the symphonic metal scene with some theatrical elements and soundtrack vibes. Already back then I knew the path would not be easy, to try to grow outside the playground as an indie band. We have needed all the support from our fans to get us here where we are now. The whole path we have traveled with you people, without financial help from a record label. We have managed to grow with hard work and loyal fans who have contributed on the pre sale of the albums on our crowdfunding campaigns and with the funds we have been able to cover the recording costs. I was however fortunate to meet Emil from Inner Wound Recordings who has published all our albums and our CD’s have also reached the stores in Europe and North America. Continue reading »

Aug 142018

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox will undergo a brain biopsy after he reportedly fell down during a concert last weekend.

Fox suffered a seizure while performing with Sin City Sinners Saturday night (August 11) at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was immediately transported to a local hospital, where medical personnel ran extensive tests to determine the cause of the seizure.

Earlier today, Oz‘s wife, Annie Lobért, revealed that a spinal tap found “no infection,” but that “Oz needs a procedure for biopsies on his brain.”

Despite the troubling news, Lobért assured fans: “We trust God no matter what. This is how we fight our battles — it may look like we’re surrounded but God is surrounding us.

Oz says he just wants to get home and play his guitar — get better and get back on stage.” Continue reading »

Jul 252018

For more than 15 years Underøath has been sharpening its fierce eloquence when it comes to pounding out the Christian-slanted hard rock that has earned the band a glowing global rep. Blending post-hardcore and heavy metal with a decent dose of screamo, the Tampa outfit featuring Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain has moved from blustery broadsides like “I’ve Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain’t Gonna Do Jack” to refined explosions such as those that dot their first disc in eight years, “Erase Me.” The album hits hard. From ‘Bloodlust’ to ‘I Gave Up’ the band rails through a storm of sound. But that sound is no-longer associated with overt Christian perspectives. Chamberlain has told the press that they “couldn’t grow musically” under that banner, and once they let it go they “became healthy, happy….and were able to create again.” Underøath‘s ‘Three Thoughts’ interview finds them amplifying that notion, with the guys questioning recent actions in the name of Christianity. “When you believe in the rules and not the reason [behind them], then you got an issue,” says Gillespie. Watch them shoot from the hip about the act of speaking truth to power. – The video can be watched below.

Underøath will embark on the “Erase Me” tour this fall. It is the band’s first major market headline tour in support of its new album, “Erase Me” (Fearless Records), which recently debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart. The tour finds Underøath returning to many markets they previously sold out on their incredibly successful “Rebirth” tour. Continue reading »

Jul 092018

Sad news from the Sleeping Giant camp, the band checked in with the following:

Tommy’s little brother Conor passed away on May 12 of this year. As a way to help cover the remaining funeral costs and burial expenses that can pile up, we decided as a band to release a special tribute design for the Green Brothers. Aptly titled “Brothers Keeper”. Tommy has written songs for his family over the years and the photo was taken 3 years ago to show their family tattoos. We consider the SG community like a family, so we are reaching out to see if you would like to purchase a shirt. All proceeds from this shirt will go to help the Greens.

A video message from Tommy Greene can be watched below.

Continue reading »