Sep 062017

Victory Records and four of their bands from Texas are coming together to release a special limited edition shirt with all proceeds being donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Check out where you can get the shirt below.

Reverend Horton Heat, Shattered Sun, Darkness Divided and Seeker all call Texas home and are coming together to release an amazing limited edition shirt that features all four bands on the back, along with the phrase “Texas Strong” on the front.

This special shirt will only be available for the next week, along with all proceeds being donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. You can check out what the shirt looks like below!

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Aug 302017

Metal Missionaries brings you into conversations with some of Christian music’s most extreme artists, so you can get a firsthand feel for the scene and answer some questions or doubts for yourself.

Metal Missionaries The Documentary, the first full-length documentary about the extreme Christian Metal scene, will be released on September 15th, with pre-orders beginning September 1st. You’ll see that although their music may be aggressive and they may not look like Christians, their hearts burst with the Holy Spirit. They don’t need a label or a collar to know who they are; they are missionaries who take their faith not into the deepest reaches of the jungle but into dim, dirty rock clubs and dusty music festivals night after night to wash the crowds clad in black t-shirts and denim in a sonic flood of God’s unfailing love for them.

The genre of Christian heavy metal is no longer characterized by Stryper’s trademark yellow-and-black spandex. Instead, it’s found on the stages of the wildly popular Warped Tour, it’s featured in the pages of music magazines like AP and Guitar World, it draws thousands of fans into rural Illinois every year for the Cornerstone Festival, and its bands garner thunderous applause from hard rockers at events everywhere. Continue reading »

Aug 082017

The melodic metal band Pyramaze are proud to announce “Pyramaze – The Game”, an official video game that can be played at the Pyramaze website. The game was developed by Impawsible Games.

Jonah Weingarten of Pyramaze comments:

“We are pleased to announce that we now have an official Pyramaze video game on our website! It was developed by the wonderful Impawsible Games from Germany, and we cant thank them enough for their hard work and creativity that was involved in making this possible. We look forward to seeing who can get the highest scores!”

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Aug 042017

Sherri Ross promoter and band manager for Mortification, Wonrowe Vision, Ultimatum, and Faith Factor passed away earlier today, she was battling cancer and unfortunately she has lost it. Sherri was very active and involved in the Christian metal scene.

In 2012 when Sherri became band manager at Rowe Productions we interviewed her, you can find it here.

Below are some reactions from people out of the metal scene

Steve Rowe (Mortification/Rowe Productions)

It is truly sad that you have gone home Sherri. I cherish the times that we worked together. The last year since August has been tough for me going through troubles & my computer failing me many times since it reached 5 years old. Sherri, you managed my Band & gave it the best push it could have had! Thank You so much for just being You! know you are in a better place eternally! I will see you in glory!  Continue reading »

Aug 032017

Batista frontman of Brazilian metal band Antidemon checked in with the following:

Hello friends! Now I have a fan page with almost all the works I’ve painted in the last 20 years. In every picture concerning the work you will find an explanation of the meaning I understand and see in each of them. You will also find right under the name of the work if it is available for sale or if it has already been sold. There are also paintings that illustrated Cds and Dvds of Antidemon. These works have a historical value and that is why they are a little more expensive, but they are also available to whomever.
By Acquiring one of my works, you will be helping directly in the mission of the world and so a missionary with us! I thank everyone for the support and partnership in every initiative and try to go ahead with what we believe. Continue reading »