May 132018

Former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm will release her third book on May 22. Titled “The Return: Reflections On Loving God Back” is intended to help people “see each day as a gift from God, find balance in their busy lives and discover the joy of giving God’s gifts back to him by using them to bring him glory.”

Speaking about why she wrote the book, Lacey said in a video message (see below): “When I first started writing books, somebody asked me, ‘What would you say if you only had one thing to say to the world. And the first thing I wanted to say I spoke about in my first book, [2014’s] ‘The Reason’, and it was about my encounter with God and finding life worth living. And the second thing I wanted to say was about romance and all of the poor choices I made and how I ended up coming into such a redemptive love story, and I wrote about that in [2016’s] ‘The Mystery’, my second book. And then the third thing I wanted to say I write about in ‘The Return’, and it just talks about bringing your heart back to God and your life to God in response to his love for us, and what that looks like when you follow your dreams, when you steward your inspiration and make the most with what’s right in front of you. It’s about answering your calling, it’s about pursuing your purpose and just loving him back with each day that we’re given. He’s given us so much, and what are we gonna give him in return? So that’s why I wrote ‘The Return’, and that’s kind of what it’s about.” Continue reading »

May 032018

We are looking for an all-round CD reviewer. This is what we ask of you:

“Basic requirements
* You have free time, that you want to invest in the website
* You agree with’s mission statement and act accordingly
* You have experience in writing articles / reviews.
* Knowledge of the English language.
* Love for rock and metal music
* Work with deadlines for publications.
You have the time and capability to write at least two reviews each month. Continue reading »

Apr 222018

Italian Folk-Metal act Wind Rose are currently on the road with Ensiferum and Ex Deo, remaining dates are listed below. The band checked in with the following sad news:

We have been robbed tonight near Barcelona during our tour with Ensiferum. The thieves broke into our bus while we were asleep and stole our personal stuff (laptops, cellphones, credit cards etc…) and cash money for a total value of more than 2000€. We still have the essential things to do a show, so we will try to overcome the damage and do all the remaining shows.

If you want to support us just come see our concert and have fun with our music, and maybe buy some merchandise in case you enjoyed the show!

A video message from Francesco Cavalieri can be watched below.

See you soon! Continue reading »

Apr 052018

Last friday there was a lot of commotion within the Christian metal scene after Deliverance canceled their performance on the Rock Alive fest. (April 14) and also about the statement that Rock Alive released.

Now they have released the following jointly statement;

Dear Rock Alive & Deliverance Fans,

The last few days there’s a lot been written and said about the situation regarding Deliverance and the Rock Alive festival. Back and forth there have been harsh words, and things been done that shouldn’t been done. Both Rock Alive and Deliverance regret the way this has gone out of hand. Therefore the past days were spend by both sides to talk about this to try to understand and clear things up. This has led to the conclusion that along the way there have been a lot of misunderstandings. Things that were said during conversations were misinterpreted, and Rock Alive admits that where it concerns the airplane tickets they should have been much more decisive. Also does Rock Alive regret the fact that they have put too much focus on cancelations that happened in the past. This was unnecessary. We are glad to report that after these conversations both parties have come closer together again. Unfortunately hasn’t this resulted in Deliverance traveling to the Netherlands again. Continue reading »

Jan 292018

The long awaited and award winning documentary by director and metal aficionado, Bruce Moore is available now from Rottweiler Records.

Featuring: A Hill To Die Upon, Antidemon, Blood Thirsty, BoughtXBlood, Church Underground, Dawn Of Ashes, Exhortation, Faith Head, Frost Like Ashes, Goatwhore, Grave Robber, Lord, Necronomicon, Nordjeval, Samael, The Protest, True Liberty, Vials Of Wrath, and Whitnoize.

Metal Missionaries brings you into conversations with some of Christian music’s most extreme artists so you can get a firsthand feel for the scene and answer some questions or doubts for yourself. – Check out the trailers below.

This film is the first full-length documentary about the extreme Christian Metal scene. You’ll see that although their music may be aggressive and they may not “look like Christians”, their hearts burst with the Holy Spirit. They don’t need a label or a collar to know who they are; they are missionaries who take their faith not into the deepest reaches of the jungle but into dim, dirty rock clubs and dusty music festivals night after night to wash the crowds clad in black t-shirts and denim in a sonic flood of God’s unfailing love for them. Continue reading »