Lancer – “Mastery”

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Jun 122017

Lancer are back with their third full length album Mastery, filled with everything one would want from a European power metal band.

In what explains the technical ability of the musicians in Lancer, they met at the Music Academy of Ingesund in Arvika, Sweden.  In 2012 the band released the Purple Sky ep which led to a deal with the label Doolittle Group AB, owned by Narnia vocalist Christian Liljegren.  In 2013, the band worked with producers Tommy Johansson (Sabaton) and Ronny Milianowicz (Hammerfall) and released their first full length  album.  The self-titled work was met with critical acclaim and the band’s reputation began to grow to the point they were named by one publication as a new hope for European power metal.  The band’s second album, Second Storm, was released in 2015 on Despotz Records and also was accepted warmly by music critics.  Similar to Second Storm, the band chose to go back into the studio with producer Gustav Ydenius (Sister Sin, Enforcer, Mustasch) for Mastery and in this case signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records, who reached out to the band.

Lancer waste no time setting the tone for the album, launching straight into the power metal following an opening scream of “Dead Raising Towers” by Isak Stenvall.  Galloping bass lines, driving rhythms, epic vocals, and an obvious preference for guitars driving the song make it easy to pick out Lancer. Often times, power metal songs have a feel as if they are mostly just setting the stage for a screaming guitar solo, and while “Dead Raising Towers” is a bit predictable , the  performances are excellent.  As one would want and expect from power metal, the production is clean and the guitars and vocals come through clearly in the mix. Continue reading »

Seventh Angel – “Demo Collection”

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Jun 112017

Seventh Angel, a British Christian metal band formed in 1987 by Ian Arkley, Andrew Blount and Scott Rawson, were coined as the pioneers of the Thrash metal scene in Great Britain and considered to be the best metal act in the UK (back in the days!). Their sound has a combination of Doom and Thrash metal, and had performed concerts at the Greenbelt festival, supporting the American rock band One Bad Pig and headlined the Metal Meltdown festival in 1990, played concerts in Germany and the Netherlands before disbanding in 1992.

The album titled “Demo Collection” surfaced the social media early in 2017, signed by the record label Bombworks Records and released on 25th April 2017. Bombworks Records had been pestering Ian to release some of the bands early demos, and when Ian finally relented, he blessed all his fans with these hidden demos. “Heed the Warning“ demo, which were released with some live tracks in past years, had been taken direct from Ian’s personal cassette and remastered so it’s a completely different version. Jeff Mortimer remastered these demos ranging from Red Demo (March 1989), Rehearsal Demo (November 1989), Heed The Warning Demo (1990), And Dust Of Years Demo (2008).

“Heed the Warning” opens with a bell chiming, swooshing in with a hypnotic tapping on the lead guitar, chunky and meaty guitar riffs, accentuates the heaviness with shrilling voice. The blitzing guitar solo is subdued within the loud rhythm guitars. Continue reading »

Jun 032017

Taking the Head of Goliath, an American Christian Death Metal band originated in the twin cities, Minnesota in the year 2015. What started with Jake Martin, Matt Vangsgard, Nathan Sherman, Rob Blake became best known when they hired Bassist/Backing Vocalist Luke Renno of the band Crimson Thorn. The band signed up with Rottweiler Records when they were featured on the compilation called Kill the Ill a Benefit Compilation for Grave Robber singer and Rottweiler Records founder, Shawn Browning, to raise money for his medical expenses. By the way the compilation is a massive effort to gather 80 bands on to this mother of all Compilations. Do take a moment and check it out.

With caution and an open mind I take upon myself to review their first ever released EP, as it may set out the tone and expectation for the rest of the community. Starting off with “The Expulsion of Putrid Illusion” which has an array of blast beats with heavy guitar riffing and monster growls which are hard to miss at the opening of the song. The band is very tight and their crisp performance pulverises the grey matter of your head. Continue reading »

Jun 012017

Choirs of Veritas is a Christian Metal project from Milan, influenced by classical music, symphonic music and power metal. The name of the band literally means “Choirs Of Truth”, to symbolize the union between music and the spiritual truth attributable to Jesus Christ.

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”[John 14.6].”

I Am The Way, The Truth, And Life” is Choirs of Veritas first full length album. A album that basically brings the love of music and God together, showing the love they have for the music and for God. The album does not splice words as to whether this is a Christian band or not. What we have here is a band that has a conviction in their beliefs for God and His Kingdom truths. Continue reading »

Gloriam Dei – “The Covenant”

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May 292017

It’s time to welcome the Finnish Power metal band Gloriam Dei. The name of the band is Latin and means God’s glory. If you look at the cover art, you can see light, or the glory of God, shining down on the man. They formed in 2013, but released their debut album in 2015. You’re probably thinking: “Why now?” Well, they are busy making an new album called The Midnight Sun and with this you have an introduction to this band.

I’m a big fan of Power Metal when it is done well and I must say this band did that for me the second I heard their first number. Their opening song Bethlehem sucks you in and that’s exactly the thing it’s supposed to do. The voice of Sami Asp fits exactly into this genre and gives me the feeling of one of my personal favorite Power Metal bands, Impellitteri from Sweden. Sami also plays the guitar together with Jarmo Happonen. I must say, as a guitarist, I really like the way they play guitar. It’s powerful and very melodic. The solo on the first song really stands out. I really like the switches between the guitar player and the synthesizer. The song The Covenant has an amazing build towards the end of the song. The switches in the songs between the rough bits and some slower bits makes it not only pleasant to listen to, but also makes it their signature sound. Continue reading »