Apr 062018

This industrial groove metal band from Atlanta, Georgia released their first full-length album last year. The most interesting thing of this band is that there are just two dudes in this band and there is no guitar player in it. Jason Wisdom, the vocalist and bass player is not an unknown name in the metal. He was the vocalist and bass player of Becoming The Archetype for twelve years. After a break of four years to care for his family he’s back with this band. And honestly, this shows that even with just a bass, drums and some vocals you can make amazing music.

It starts off with the calm song Until Then. It has clean vocals in the begin but it builds up to become something with a combination of calm and rough. Then when the next song plays, it’s a whole lot different. It has a groovy and deep bass-line. The most fascinating thing it the fact that the bass really sounds a lot like a guitar and makes up for the fact of mot having a guitar. Continue reading »

Red – “Gone” (Deluxe Edition)

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Apr 052018

This is the sixth full-length studio album from the band from Nashville, Tennessee. It has been released on the 27th of October last year. They started back in 2002 when they were friends with a passion for music. Barry Blair, the drummer from Audio Adrenaline heard their music and invited them to record. The sound of the band is inspired by Linkin Park, Sevendust and Chevelle because they liked the emotional-driven music.

This album really follows in the footsteps of their album Of Beauty and Rage. The sound is still a bit of the sound of their first few albums, but is more infused with electronic music. The song Step Inside, the Violence starts off with a heavy riff. Than it gets slower but keeps the feeling of the song. The main sound at the couplets are drums and electronics. That makes a great contrast when the guitar part comes in. Also Still Alive is one of the heavier songs on the album. It starts off with a sound that reminds me of Throne from Bring Me The Horizon. It is kind of heavy sounding but it feels softer with the kind of pop sound. Though the bridge makes it sound kind of creepy. This song still keeps the heavy sound by the grunting of Barnes. Continue reading »

Apr 042018

The Bearded Dragon Productions is re-releasing the grindcore project Redemption of the Flesh by Flactorophia originally from 2006 as their debut release.

In the big picture, Flactorophia has been a relatively unknown, unheard Christian grindcore band largely because there was only one release in 2006 and in 2008, the leader of the project Jose Barragan tragically passed away in a fire that also claimed 5 members of the band Zelestial.  The album is being re-released on the 10th anniversary of that tragedy.

Make no mistake, this is raw, demo-quality grindcore with the eight songs clocking in around 8 minutes total and some of the tracks have samples thrown in to the intros.  Surprisingly, the first track “Regurgitation….” starts out with a bit of melody and groove to it before the guttural vocals and blast beats come in.  As one might imagine, vocals are unintelligible, but then again this is fast grindcore.  Continue reading »

Sleeping Giant – “I Am”

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Apr 012018

If I were to describe the album in one word, I’d say “precision”. Words like “driven”, “dedicated” and “purposeful” also come to mind. Sleeping Giant live their mission; to build out His legacy of praise. It is clear from the onset that they take their task seriously. The following refrain in “Preachcore Lives!” gives me goosebumps: “I will worship for an audience of one…”, a sentiment echoed like a warcry when first Tom, and then the other band members repeat, “One!”. If my description confuses you, listen to the opening track, and you’ll know exactly what I

The second track, “Second Chance Kids” states: “No truce, No compromise, Someone gave their life for me….” Sleeping Giant is a tight unit, and I enjoy how each player – from drums through guitars, bass and vocals – contributes to the whole of the sound. You won’t find any guitar solos here. Everyone drives to a single, focused point; like an arrowhead of sound. There is a good balance between spoken word and singing, and I enjoy how these two vocal styles compliment one another throughout the album. The melodic voice reminds me of Burton C. Bell, of Fear Factory, the “Digimortal” album specifically. Continue reading »

Mar 242018

Holland’s Angelic Forces debut an ep of old-school metal that has all the elements from the 80’s-era metal that we all enjoy!

Back in 2014, bassist Wilco van der Meij left the band Methusalem and felt drawn to start another band, this time with former Methusalem guitarist Harold de Vries and drummer Rudie Kingma.  Along the way, the band added Maurice Gijsman (ex-L.S.D.) as a second guitarist and the lineup was set.  In June of 2016 the band recorded their first single and has been playing shows and recording off and on since then.

Opening up with a guitar harmony riff and then trading some short solos over a galloping bass and drum line is a great way to open up and ep and Angelic Forces pull out all the stops on “Thunder and Lightning”.  This is late 80’s metal with an updated feel.  Harold de Vries vocals remind me a lot of Phil Mogg’s on “Lights Out” by UFO except Harold occasionally hits the really high register.  This song has it all including the guitar solos one would expect with the harmonies and also a chance to shout “METAL” along with the band.  Just a great song overall. Continue reading »