BadAss – “More Pain, More Gain”

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Aug 212017

Some bands come locked and loaded with a cast of individuals that banded together should make for a mighty fine arsenal of musical expertise and thus there should be no doubt that they have what it takes to pull off an album that immediately captivates and holds the audience it was crafted and created for. Just the fan base each of these individuals on their own has accumulated in their career in itself should feed into a massive pool of fans that would insistently grab at this release. “More Pain, More Gain” is the first release for Badass, which are a four piece Heavy metal band based from out of Italy. With the acclaimed musical expertise involved herein, “More Pain, More Gain” needs to impress right out of the gates. There is certainly a confidence and pride attached to such a release, and chests are puffed out, but can the talk meet the walk.

So who are Badass? Well they are as follows: Vocals: Titta Tani , Bass: Alberto Rigoni , Guitars: Alessio “Lex” Tricarico, Drums: Denis “Denzy” Novello, and on their facebook info page they state, “BADASS: Powerful vocal, killer heavy bass, massive rhythm guitar riffs, drums from hell… isn’t that enough to kick your butt??”. These are very confident words, they also state that they play metal like you have never heard it before, again there is a certain swagger and confidence that you pick up from the words, but do those words translate into something that truly effectively have body to them? Let’s find out! Continue reading »

Aug 132017

Shattered Sun return with their sophomore effort, bringing more metalcore to the masses while avoiding the clichés of the genre…

The south Texas band Shattered Sun trace their origin back to 2005 and since then have managed to share the stage with the likes of legends like Testament and Exodus, supporting them on the Dark Roots of Thrash Tour and in summer of this year (2017) joined the Warped Tour for part of that run. Interestingly, even with the success and acclaim from their first album, Hope Within Hatred (2015), the band nearly self-destructed before recording The Evolution of Anger.  In late 2015, guitarist Daniel Trejo decided to leave the band and other issues that came to the surface put the second album in question.  In the end, Daniel came back and the band realized that chances like they were given were few and far between.  The band worked with producer Mark Lewis (Devil Drive, Fallujah) in their hometown to narrow down the 26 songs to the 10 that made it onto The Evolution of Anger, and artist Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Machine Head) was brought in for the album art depicting how anger can drive one into a maze that does nowhere, capturing the essence of the album and a bit of the band’s own struggles. Continue reading »

The Royal – “Seven”

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Jul 312017

Back in 2012 five youngsters got together to put in their energy and thought to what would later be known as The Royal. The Netherlands’ Melodic Metalcore outfit known for their tremendous stage presence are out with their second album, Seven, which was released in March 2017 on the Long Branch records. The band lists August Burns Red, While She Sleeps, Northlane and Parkway Drive as some of their influences.

They released “Origins” EP in 2012 and their first single “Blind Eye” in 2013. This was followed by their first full-length “Dreamcatchers” in 2014. The band fuses metal, groove and melody to form a distinctive blend of Metalcore. The band made headways in the past while playing support shows for acts like Architects and Breakdown Of Sanity and gained attention at festivals like Jera On Air and Impericon Festival. With 11 songs in their arsenal and 47 minutes of runtime, I got straight listening to the album.

The album opens up with “Thunder”, which echos your living room with a touch of reverb and blasts right in with chugging guitars and guttural screams. The song maintains an upbeat rhythm with blast beats kicking throughout the song. As the song progresses it onboards shards of heaviness engulfed in melody, which would definitely captivate your interest. Moving on to, “Feeding Wolves”, the band puts out a complete different style with a very catchy guitar riff which eventually progresses to what becomes the main guitar riff for the song. The transition is flawless and impeccable, the song moves from point A to B with so many progressions that it becomes hard to keep a track of a definite strong structure. This definitely makes the album very interesting. Continue reading »

Jul 292017

The debut album from Cellar Darling is perhaps perfectly titled . This is the Sound introduces the band and their unique blend of folk, metal, and rock and showcases the talents of the band in a way that should create a sizable fan base.

Cellar Darling traces its roots back to the Swiss folk metal legends Eluveitie and the summer of 2016 when Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, and Merlin Sutter left the band but realized they still wanted to craft music.  Fusing metal, folk, and alternative styles with traditional instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, ethereal vocals, powerful drums, and heavy riffs, Cellar Darling began crafting their songs of lyrical tales of old.  In fall of 2016, the singles “Challenge” and “Fire, Wind & Earth” were released and the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in January 2017.  Three more singles followed and This is the Sound was released at the end of June 2017.

One of the great things about reviewing albums is when you get a new artist you haven’t heard of, to just fire up the album and start listening.  That’s what I did with Cellar Darling’s This Is the Sound and this is one of those albums that grabs you immediately.  After seeing they are on Nuclear Blast, I had a feeling I likely knew something about the band, and after a bit of google, suspicions were confirmed as the band is made up of former Eluveitie members.  While they can’t escape that, make no mistake, this is not Eluveitie-style folk metal.  I would best describe this as folk-influenced almost hard alternative or perhaps radio-friendly metal, heavy enough to keep the metalheads engaged  but not heavy enough to drive off the casual metal listener. Continue reading »

Jul 222017

After setting high expectations with their debut ep The Hand of Death, Adorned Graves is back with their full length combining thrash, doom, and goth into one intense package.

Hailing from Kaiserslautern, Germany, Adorned Graves advertise their sound as one of Old School Thrash with a touch of Doom Metal and their debut ep certainly lived up to that billing.  Two years have passed since that ep and now Adorned Graves have released their debut full length, Out From the Depth of the Grave, a near concept album telling the tale of Jonah from the Old Testament.  The album itself was recorded, produced, and mixed by guitarist Andreas Wormser at MUSICWORMSER K-Town in April of 2017.

Back in 2015, I had received Adorned Graves ep, The Hand of Death to review and the first track, “Adorned Graves” simply blew me away with its mix of old school Slayer and Black Sabbath with a touch of Halford.  At the time it was some of the best metal I had heard for a while and it ended up on my “Best of” list for the year, so needless to say, I went into this review with very high expectations.  A simple look at the song list can often tell a lot and in this case, you get eleven songs and nearly one hour of music and when you consider that a couple tracks are short interludes, it becomes apparent that there are some long songs here.  Without having a chance to learn this, I thought the opening track was going to be a short intro song as “Out of the Deep” has a strong goth feel to it.  Combine some dark acoustic guitar and throughout the song Cailen Wormser’s and guest vocalist’s Manuel’s smooth, deep vocals with some atmospheric keyboards and you have a great goth track.  Later in the track, the full band comes in and things get louder but the pacing and choral-like vocals remain to carry the song to the end, nearly seven minutes later. Continue reading »