Pyramaze – “Contingent”

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Mar 232017

Some bands make your job so hard to review, Pyramaze was such a band, as from the get go I found myself struggling to review it without drawing myself away from the raw explosion of the music to give a down the line review. So here it is as honest as I can.

Pyramaze are a rocking progressive metal outfit from Denmark. Formed in 2001 this progressive melodic metal outfit explode out with “Land Of Information” which sets the album with a symphonic intro build up that has a big feel, emphasized by the choruses and vocal harmonies that penetrate and set the stage for what is a great album.

“Contingent” is an album with a very clean production quality, and yet able to capture the talent and energy of the band. They manage to package a wide variety of stylistic influences into their songs and the album as a whole. Very few bands grab me from the start and this is one of those bands, they hit the ground like Thor’s mighty hammer. It’s atomically excellent. Vocals are great and powerful, the recording allows for clean pronunciation. Terje’s vocal ability is certainly a high light of the album. The album flows smoothly into “Kingdom Of Solace” that again highlights the creativity and song writing prowess of the band. If you a fan of lots of great lead guitar work, and amazing keyboard musicianship in your metal, reach out and get this album. Continue reading »

Mar 132017

For those who’ve not heard of French Deathcore outfit “Betraying the Martyrs”, “The Resilient” sets as a perfect album for their introduction. Although, this being the bands third album, which was released on 27th January 2017 under the record label of Sumerian Records, the band saw quite a few line-up changes with Eddie Czaicki (vocals), Antoine Salin (Drums) and Fabien Clévy (lead guitar) being replaced by Aaron Matts (lead vocals), Boris Le Gal (drums) and Lucas d’Angelo (lead guitar). For the sake of clarity Mark Mironov (Drums) worked on this album and said his goodbyes by the end of 2016. With the addition of newer folks, the sound generally takes a new direction, which it did with this album.

The Deathcore Genre needs no introduction and can easily pointed out for its odd time signatures, plenty of breakdowns, blast beats on the drums and the guttural growls. The band imbibes quite a few atmospheric elements and melodies in its song writing also giving a large chunk of vocal share to clean melodic vocals. Since its formation back in 2008, the band has released two full length albums “Breath in Life (2011)”, “Phantom (2014)” and a debut EP “The Hurt, The Divine, The Light”, a self-produced recording funded entirely by the band and mixed by Stephane Buriez. The band has toured extensively and played at the famous “Bonecrusher Tour”, “Sumerianos Tour” and “European Eclipse 2012” In 2012 and “Greenfield Festival”, “Ghosfest” and “Never Say Die!” in 2013. Continue reading »

Pleading Guilty – “Defacto”

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Mar 092017

Over the years, Thumper Punk Records has brought out a good bit of California-esque skate punk bands and their latest find is Pleading Guilty, perhaps ironically, not from California but Colorado.

Anyone familiar with Thumper Punk Records roster will certainly recognize their emphasis on melodic punk rock with a Christian message brought out by bands like False Idle, True Liberty, Metanoia, A Common Goal, Heart Like War, and the list goes on and on.  Many of those bands do have that Southern California punk rock vibe to their sound  that includes bands like NOFX, Dogwood, Craig’s Brother, Pennywise, and so many others even though most of the aforementioned bands are not at all from Southern California.  Pleading Guilty fits in that same grouping as they have the sound but actually hail from the Denver/Aurora, Colorado area.  The four-piece would fit right in on a bill with any of the bands mentioned previously. Continue reading »

Flatfoot 56 – “Odd Boat”

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Mar 082017

With St. Patrick’s Day coming soon, this is turning out to be quite a good March for celtic punk with first The Tossers and now Flatfoot 56 releasing great albums to get you moving and singing along.

The family effort Flatfoot 56 with brothers Tobin, Justin, and Kyle Balwinkel, can trace their roots back to the Southside of Chicago much like the Tossers.  With Odd Boat, the band is on technically their seventh album since 2000 although most know of only the five releases since 2004’s Knuckles Up, which served as my introduction to Flatfoot 56’s brand of infectious celtic punk rock.  I can still remember the first time seeing them live at Cornerstone Festival…the energy and passion was infectious and in subsequent years, catching the special late-night theme shows at Cornerstone was a highlight of the festival even for those not big fans of the music. Following Knuckles Up in 2007 was Journey of the Midwest Sea and then in 2010, Black Thorn came out and the band’s exposure grew immensely, leading even to things like having a song featured on Sons of Anarchy.  Toil followed in 2012 and for Odd Boat, the band chose to go the independent route and went to Atlas Studios in Chicago to work with Matt Allison. Continue reading »

Mar 082017

Valley is a melodic hardcore band from Belgium near Brussels, they were founded in 2014 after some members of a metalcore band wanted to diverge from the aggressive and straightforward music and make more melodic, emotive music without grunts but screams. Valley is not a band who wants to spend much time in the rehearsal room. They rather are on the road and have shared the stage with bands as; BEING AS AN OCEAN, BURNING DOWN ALASKA, ACRES and CASEY, to name a few.

After having released two EP’s they are now signed to Redfield Digital and the release date for their first full-length album is set on March 31, 2017.

In his own words, Valley’s vocalist is describing his vision of the music: “Emotive hardcore with an intimate atmosphere. Being in another world, accepting the emotions and give yourself to the music. Clean and screaming vocals. Influences of post rock.” Well, somehow this sounds very appealing to me, so let us take a closer look/listen to their new album “Dark Tears//Bright Smiles” Continue reading »