Consecrator – “Image of Deception”

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Sep 162017

The 1990’s saw a lot of good bands come and go, often with some great material seemingly lost.  No Life Til Metal has digitally remastered Image of Deception from the thrash band Consecrator and on it is not only the Image of Deception  release from 1992 but also some earlier demo tracks and a previously unreleased track from 2005.

Hailing from Texas, Consecrator formed in 1989 and by 1990 had recorded their first, self-titled demo, which incidentally took one day.  The demo was well received but the band underwent some lineup changes and took until 1991 to record “Free from Death” and send it to REX Records who ultimately released it on the Demolition compilation cd.  While the band continued to play live, they never could secure a record deal and after recording Image of Deception and enduring more lineup changes, the band went their separate ways in 1993.  Fast forward to 2004 and Bombworks Records remastered and released Consecrator’s old demos and Image of Deception in one limited run of 300 copies on cd.  Now 13 years later, No Life Til Metal and Roxx Records are releasing a digitally remastered version of this classic and as a bonus have included a previously unreleased track from 2005. Continue reading »

Power Quest – “Sixth Dimension”

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Sep 102017

For Old timers, Power Quest has been a familiar name since March 2001, when Steve Williams parted ways with DragonForce, and approached Steve Scott (Ex- Shadowkeep) to join him for bass. Eventually Sam Totman and Adam Bickers joined them on guitars (temporarily) while vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alessio Garavello, who was recommended to the band by Maurizio Chiarello (the label manager at Underground Symphony Records) brought along, Andrea Martongell and replaced Adam Bickers relieving him off his guitar duties. The band didn’t have a stable drummer until Francesco Tresca decided to join Power quest fulltime. Fast forward to 2013, and we hear Steve announcing the split quoting lack of financial and record label support.

After a three-year hiatus, Steve Williams through his Youtube channel and bands’ website announced the regroup of the Power Metal band Power Quest. On 29th June this year the band confirmed the release of their sixth Studio album, “Sixth Dimension”. With this we saw Andy Kopczyk (of I AM I fame) along with Glyndwr Williams (of Triaxis) joining the ranks as permanent members of the band, alongside Ashley Edison on Lead vocals, Paul Finnie thumping on bass and Rich Smith lashing the drums. The album is due to release on the 13th October on Inner Wound recordings. It was recorded and mixed at Rogue Studios, London by Alessio Garavello  and Steve Williams, mastered by Jens Bogren (of Dragonforce, Symphony X, Arch Enemy fame) and artwork for the cover by Felipe Machado Franco ( of Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth fame). Continue reading »

ISF – “Feel.Kill.Conceal.Reveal” ep

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Sep 092017

If pure organized chaos in music form sounds interesting to you, you will want to check out the new 4 song ep from ISF.  Even if it doesn’t sound appealing, it’s worth checking out and definitely not a waste of your 6 minutes.

ISF is the brainchild of James Nicholls, originating from the UK.  The self-described one man noise project has recently released their debut ep on ZAP Records.  Nicholls quotes Darren Malakian (System of a Down) in the liner notes and pretty much sums up the approach to the project…”We dont care what anyone says. If we like it we like it. Thats the way free form of art should be. You should be free to express yourself. There is no such thing as a bad idea”.  With that in mind, go check out the Bandcamp link and listen for yourself. Continue reading »

Hesychast – “Ageless”

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Sep 042017

Some albums just need to be experienced and tend to defy description, and Ageless by Hesychast is one of those as their atmospheric black metal is both disruptive and peaceful at the same time.

Hesychast, member of a movement dedicated to contemplation, originating among the Orthodox monks of Mount Athos in the 14th century, characterized by a practice of prayer seeking union with God beyond our senses and understanding.  The word originates from the Greek for “stillness” the band describes the practice as seeking “to encounter the Lord in a more intimate fashion and to set the heart in constant prayer, even while at work with other things.”  Given that, it seems like this would not necessarily fit will with metal but when you delve into atmospheric black metal, this does make sense.  The album itself clocks in around forty minutes which provides a good bit of time for songs to meander about and establish moods. “Волны Смерти” starts off the album and wastes no time setting the tone once the music starts.  For those aficionados of black metal, the guitar and blast beats are a give away as to what awaits.  The overall tone and pacing of the music identifies it immediately, even if the overall sound is a bit subdued.  The raspy growled, near shriek vocals are perfect black metal as well and again, instantly recognizable.  The song has the potential to be very disruptive, but comes across almost quiet and relaxing, near peaceful, which is not your typical response to black metal, but this is more atmospheric in nature, reminding me a bit of Vials of Wrath (highly recommended).  The song does get a bit more stripped down and a male choral section of melodious chant takes over, nearly overpowering the guitars and drums. Continue reading »

Sep 032017

Everyone’s favorite Scandinavian blackened death metal band from Illinois (Missouri) is back with their fourth full-length release that is chock full of their characteristic pounding drums and driving riffs with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

For those not in the know, A Hill to Die Upon, despite the Scandinavian black/death metal sound, actually originated in central Illinois.  In 2008, the band recorded a demo and were signed to Bombworks Records and in 2009 released Infinite Titanic Immortal Omens (2011)was the second release by the band and had a darker feel to it, which some critics liked more than others, but due to the overall strength of the album, even those who were not enthusiastic about it, still rated it highly.  The recording of the the band’s third album Holy Despair was fraught with challenges unlike the 8 day process for Omens as Adam Cook’s basement studio flooded, delaying things several months.  In the end, Holy Despair (2014) was also met with critical acclaim.  In addition to the critical acclaim for the studio work, the band is equally impressive live, especially with the impact the corpse paint brings to the overall feeling as the band seeks to “engage as many of the senses as possible” according to Michael in an interview for HM magazine.  The band has played a variety of festivals over the years including the mighty Cornerstone Festival (several times), Destruction Fest in London, Elements of Rock, and Nordic Fest as well as sharing the band with many legendary and notorious bands, including recently sharing the stage with Deicide, a band directly opposed to Christian beliefs of AHTDU band members.  For Via Artis Via Mortis, the band signed to Luxor Records, Adam Cook and Nolan Osmond handled the recording while Joseph Calliero took care of the mixing and mastering.

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