Matty Mullins – “Unstoppable”

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Jun 202017

We all know Matty Mullins as the frontman of the popular metalcore-band Memphis May Fire. But his solo-albums are as far from metal as the east is from the west. When we take a close look on his website there is stated the following:

“A warm-hearted Contemporary Christian pop singer with a gentle laugh, gregarious smile, and moving melodic gift, Matty Mullins shares the hope of the Gospel on Unstoppable, a sophomore album as outwardly improbable as it was, in fact, spiritually inevitable. Unstoppable is a collection of songs full of joy and worship, anchored in authenticity and earnest truthfulness, unafraid to declare victory over real brokenness.”

This looks like a contradiction but Matty has more on his sleeve than just metalcore and why should a musician stick only to one genre? Especially when a man such as Matty Mullins is passionate about his faith and he wants to express himself through Spirit-filled anthems, which led to a calling to make an impassioned musical declaration of faith that led to the creation of Mullins self-titled solo debut, which debuted at #66 on the Billboard 200 in the fall of 2014. Featuring worshipful supplications like “See You in Everything” and “More of You”. Continue reading »

TIMŌRĀTUS – “Reverentia”

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Jun 182017

David Napier is back, this time not focusing on times of the Black Plague but bringing the listener into a world of metal to “envelop the listener in the warmth and closeness of worship with God.

My first experience with TIMŌRĀTUS (full of reverence toward God, devout) was reviewing the ep’s Black and Death, which tell the story of Kafla Selaro in his battle for faith and life in the Dark Ages during the time of Black Plague.  Now that the tale of Kafla is long past, David had the idea to put out an album that might give the listener the feeling of worship.  David once again handled the instrumentation but this time brought on some additional vocalists, some of whom provide clean vocals for “In Christ Alone” and “Amazing Grace”.

First thing I noticed about the album was the overall length, with seven songs clocking in at over 50 minutes long.  The album itself can be almost divided into three sections.  The first section with “Weight of the World” and “Mere Symbols” could be described as ambient or atmospheric black/death metal, with perhaps some doom elements thrown in.  In “Weight of the World”, you have the music greatly overwhelming the death metal growled vocals in the mix, which makes it a challenge, while in “Mere Symbols” the overall tone of the guitars is a bit darker but the vocals more pronounced.  In both cases, the songs move slowly, in a crushing manner under a wall of sound. Continue reading »

Jun 142017

My love for old school hardcore stems back to my teens listening to bands of the likes of Youth of Today, Judge, Agnostic Front, Black Flag, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds and many more. Got to admit I am still trying to wrap my head around today’s modern interpretations of hardcore, guess I am an old school hardcore kid till death.

So here we are with 2 Minute Minor, formed in 2016, is a positive old school style Chicago hardcore band, and immediately before even getting into the album, picture bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag and even old school D.R.I. (D.R.I. bit will explain later). So get your boots ready for some pit slamming, two-stepping hardcore old school style music done right. Consisting of Wiley Willis (Vocals) who formed this band which is reminiscent of the late 80’s to early 90’s sound; passionately screaming for change. Bob Shields (Guitar) plays punk rock riffs with pure power and he’s perfectly out of step. Zach Birdier pounds aggressively on the drums so we remember the one thing that still holds true. Virgil Lloyd’s (2nd guitar) brings us back to Old Tyme Hardcore and creates a heartbeat for the songs. Noam O (Bass) walks the bass so we don’t forget the struggle or the streets, laying down the low-end road map. 2Minute Minor now offers up to you their debut “A Goons Best Friend”, a hard-hitting dose of reality that will help you to navigate through your life just as making this record has helped 2Minute Minor enrich their own. Continue reading »

Jun 132017

“Death metal in its purest form” is a phrase Revulsed use to describe their music and the live version of their album Infernal Atrocity does its best to live up to that showcasing the band in a live setting.

Australia has been known to produce some extreme metal and perhaps the best known would be Mortification, especially the Scrolls of the Megilloth album, which featured Revulsed’s Jayson Sherlock.  Since that time Sherlock has gone on to Paramecium and started the band in 2010.  In 2015, the band released their debut, Infernal Atrocity, which was met with good reviews and the music compared to the likes of Suffocation, Disgorgement, and early Mortification.  After recording of Infernal Atrocity, bass player Mark Smith joined the band and Damien Mirklis joined on vocals as vocalist Konni Lühring who was featured on the album is simply not local to Australia and would be unable to play shows with the band.  The band did leave open the possibility of Lühring to provide vocals should the band tour Europe however, so the changes were simply geographical in nature.  The last member of the band, Sheldon D’Costa who was there since the beginning, has In Exordium and Incarnate in his bio.  For Live Atrocity the band recorded the performance of Infernal Atrocity as their first ever live show and has it available on bandcamp and also as a CD/DVD package. Continue reading »

Marc Leach – “Hail To The Geeks”

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Jun 122017

I have to admit I have heard very few instrumental albums in the last while, either they scarce, or I am looking in the wrong places for them. Two rock/metal musicians stand out for me when you looking at this type of album, one is Steve Vai and the other Joe Satriani, both kingsman of this genre in my books. So when I was giving, “Hail To The Geeks” to review, a must admit I dived in with some scepticism a bit, A, because I never heard of Marc Leach, and B, well to pull off an instrumental album, and make it sound great is not an easy task, for me it takes a whole next level of musicianship to pull off that. You telling a story through your music, and to draw the listener along without out lyrics in this age is no easy task. Then add the geek aspect to it, and you like ok am I suppose to take it seriously. I tell you this to be a geek and to be able to geek out is awesome. How that translates into an instrumental rock album well here goes…..

So here I was presented with the album, “Hail To The Geeks” by Northern Irishmen Marc Leach who wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all of it by himself. Marc himself is a highly regarded photographer on the Belfast music scene. “Hail To The Geeks is a record that is full of geeky references from Doctor Who to Metal Gear Solid, subjects which are close to Marc’s heart while keeping the music entirely instrumental. Marc is a self confessed geek and so naturally the out working of that and the geek kingdom of which he indulges in comes to the fore in “Hail To The Geeks” a sort of packaged music box of geekiness. He allows for the geekiness to flow through his musical ability yet one can gather the seriousness of influences of the likes of Devin Townsend and Steve Vai in the mix. Continue reading »