Signum Regis – “The seal of new World”

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Nov 042019

Signum Regis has been in the game for a good 12 years, back when in 2007 bass player Ronnie König along with vocalist Göran Edman started to work on their self-titled debut album. This Power/Melodic/Neoclassical metal powerhouse is known for their technical prowess, flamboyant and euphoric guitar/keyboard solos. Their sophomore concept album, “The Eyes Of Power” was received well amongst fans, and catapulted their popularity in no time. Based out of Slovakia, the band toured extensively in their home grounds and the likes of Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany while promoting their third album “Exodus”. This was soon followed up by E.P. “Through The Storm” which came to be known as their best record. The band has been active ever since and released albums “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” and “Decennium Primum” the production for the latter was funded as the prize that the band won at the “Spark Fresh Blood” festival which named them the best band of Slovakia.

The band underwent line-up changes amicably and that’s when the enigmatic Jota Fortinho (known for his tremendous vocal range), joined the ranks on vocals. The band set out to record, what in time will be known as “The seal of new World”, the bands 6th Studio album, which is scheduled to release on the 22nd November 2019 under the record label for Beyond the Storm Productions. The album is mixed by Ronnie König and mastered Jacob Hansen. The bands quotes an interesting aspect that went into the recording of the album that is, “there are no triggers and drum samples on drums. The sound is 100% acoustic, which is quite rare for a band of this genre”. The artwork was created by Jota Fortinho.

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20 lb Sledge – “Electric Exodus”

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Nov 032019

20 lb Sledge is a Christian hard rock music project founded by AlfonZo Rachel who is so far best known for his Humorous Christian conservative social political commentaries. The band which is based out of South bay, California released the album Electric Exodus on 4th of June 2019 with an independent label. The band lists P.O.D. SevenDust, Pantera, Helmet, Static-X, Deftones, Earth Wind and Fire, George Benson, Alice In Chains, LTD, Tool, HeatWave, Prong, King’s X, Fishbone, 24-7 Spyz, Meshuggah as some of their influences.

On Bandcamp, the band quotes their sound as, “slams like Sonic Body Blows with sophisticated yet steady beefy rhythms marinated in juicy melodies. The vocals bark with a bite of the gospel gone grizzly, with flows sweet like freedom and the grit it takes to keep it. The lyrics bridge the generations from snotty teens to old farts without relying on nasty language. Dirty Sound! Clean Message!“ I was definitely in for a surprise (written post listening to the whole record)

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Oct 192019

White Collar Sideshow return with their next iteration of shock rock, pulling out all the stops and adding new elements to their sound, resulting in a heavy, catchy, and thoroughly entertaining listen.

Hailing from Arkansas, the husband-wife duo known as White Collar Sideshow started in 2006 and toured for over 3 years with their original show, make than their original experience or event.  During the first years and up through most of The Witchunt tours, they were joined live by Herr Schwein, and Leach both of which would contribute drums/percussion and add to the overall creepiness of the experience as they were in costume. Seeing them live is an experience you don’t soon forget. Combining frenetic drumming and percussion with a strong bass line played in front of video screens, they have enthralled audiences throughout the US in settings ranging from large festivals to small churches and auditoriums.  The Witchunt (2012) saw them expand their sound with more electronic elements and add a horror like video backdrop to the visuals as well as establish a working relationship with Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, John5, Avril Lavigne).  That relationship continued as the band worked with Baseford again and now is signed to Curtain Call Records (Sony).

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Oct 182019

Everyone’s favorite Swedish anarcho-punks Svarteskerm are back with an ep filled with all sort of raw punk rock chaos.

When I last reviewed the Svarteskerm discography, I learned that they are Swedish and nearly everything I can find on them is in Swedish as well, which complicates doing things like reviews, but given that they’re primarily  an anti-capitalist punk rock outfit, that probably doesn’t matter much as you get the idea.  Things haven’t changed in terms of information on the band but they’ve apparently been around nearly 10 years and the guys at ZAP Records thought the world should hear the brilliance of the band.  The discography had songs from 2014 and earlier, but the band has just released a new 4 song ep.

From the very beginning  of the loud, raw drum beat one gets the idea that this will be essentially a live, in-your-face punk track and you’d be right. The vocals are shouted over the top of the driving rhythms and get rougher and more ragged as the song relentlessly plows on.  The song Diognetus itself is largely about being not at home in the world today given its current state (thanks google translate) and ends with some feedback and spoken words.

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Metalite – “Biomechanicals”

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Oct 172019

Pop metal prodigies Metalite return with a new vocalist and a further refined sound on their second album, Biomechanicals.

Some music can instantly be placed when heard and Swedish pop songs fall into that category for me.  It was almost exactly 2 years ago I reviewed Heroes in Time, the debut from the Swedish band Metalite.  In the meantime, I’ve listened to a lot of music and as soon as I heard the first song on Biomechanicals the Swedish pop sensibilities became readily apparent.  For those who don’t know, the band is from Stockholm and been around since 2015.  Guitariste Edwin Premberg met vocalist Emma Bensing and the two began a collaboration with producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe) and the songs started to flow.  In the next year, the rest of the band was added and the band signed to Inner Wound Records.  This time around, the band has picked up Erica Ohlsson to handle the vocal duties while keeping everything else the same including producer Jacob Hansen and recording at Hansen Studios.

Given the band being a female-fronted pop metal band, one expects much of the emphasis to be on the vocals so after the departure of the excellent Emma Bensing, the obvious question is whether or not Erica Ohlsson can fill those large shoes.  As it turns out there is nothing to worry about in the vocal department, much like her predecessor, Erica’s vocals are perfectly suited for Swedish pop almost too perfectly, perhaps.  Think about any popular Swedish pop band’s vocals and Erica could fill in for any of them, her vocals are that good for that style.  To my ears though, Emma’s vocals were a bit darker in tone, making them more suited for the more aggressive sound on Heroes in Time that I favor.

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