Feb 182019

Defying Darkness, a new and upcoming doom metal, death metal, and black metal project, has joined onto the roster of The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Defying Darkness brings a new side to the label,” Founder Mason Beard stated. “with an atmospheric take on blackened doom metal, with a touch of drone metal within and some incredible death metal vocals.” Continue reading »

Feb 172019

70xForgiven performs ‘Light the Life’ for the first time at The Well in Omaha, NE on 2/15/2019. Check out the video below.

70xForgiven has just added 2 stops in Bakersfield California June 22nd and 23rd,

The band states: “We want to head North from there, Where are all my California Friends and Family at? let us know if you want to book us in your area, prices get much lower the closer we are to you. Get us booked today! Hope to see you on the Tour!!! God Bless 70xForgiven” Continue reading »

Feb 162019

Ukrainian folk metal band Holy Blood have released a brand new single ‘We Know Who We Are’. The song is taken from their new  album ‘Voices Of Blood’ which is out now on Vision of God Records.

This is back to the more traditional Death/Black Metal style (with still some folk influences) this is going to be the brutalest, most epic release from Holy Blood!

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Feb 162019

Brazilian brutal death metal outfit Proclamus just released their new ep “Death Thoughts” via Vision of God Records. The entire ep can be streamed on the video below.

“Death Thoughts”, features 4 unreleased tracks and promises to surprise the most demanding audience. Recently ther guitarist has left the band and the new members are in a consolidation process, they are: Emanuel Lima and Bergson Rodrigues.

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