Jun 222018

After the successful kick-off with their 2016 EP “Divided by Choice” on Redfield Records, melodic hardcore specialists The Pariah are ready to take the European scene by storm with outstanding new material as well as with their energetic and intense live shows and raise the standards for their peers and followers. The first precursor ‘Silent Birds’ sets the uncompromising path but it also holds ready the right dose of catchiness. A video that might break with the viewing habits of parts of the audience, matches perfectly the image of a band that that doesn’t have to look for its scene for long but keeps on having the demand to be original.

If as headliner, on festivals or as opener for bands like Napoleon, Hundreth, Capsize, Landscapes, Shai Hulud, Canvas and Polar, it is safe to claim that The Pariah have never played a show, where they didn’t attract some new fans. Their combination of drive, enthusiasm, the absolute belief in their art convinces everyone in the end and this will certainly also be the case on their upcoming shows with Being As An Ocean and Counterparts this summer. Continue reading »

Jun 212018

Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is currently working on her brand new Celtic Metal album. Leah checked in with the following:

I should also warn you that you won’t find this new album in any digital stores at it’s initial release. Instead, you will be able to find digital downloads and physical copies on my own website.

I don’t know if or when I’ll release it to regular digital stores such as Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. And I don’t know if or when I’ll release it to streaming sites at all.

Your best bet is to get the real physical copy – so why not make it a signed copy?! Continue reading »

Jun 212018

Finnish pirate metal band Cat O’ Nine Tails has released the second single from the “Dark Waters & Brighter Seas” double album which will be released next month. The track ‘The Fortune of John Marrou’ can be streamed in the video below.

“This song will be our second single, representing the album Brighter Seas. Glad intro, some heavy stuff and a nasty guitar solo by our producer Antti Niskala. Don’t dig your treasure to the ground!

“Dark Waters & Brighter Seas” is the follow-up to “Under Captain’s Flag” (2015). Continue reading »

Jun 212018

Swedish alt-melodic metalcore pioneers Set Before Us will release their upcoming debut full-length new album “Vitae” on August 31, 2018 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Dino Medanhodzic (Smash into Pieces, Adept, The Unguided) at Radionika Studios. The album art was designed by Liftamountain. See below for the full track listing…

The new album “Vitae” features eleven brand new songs that actually re-write the boundaries of metalcore as a genre. The album covers a wide variety of subject matter as well. From the inspirational ‘Ignite’ being written about the confidence of chasing your dreams, to the painfully-personal ‘Identity’ which tackles the negative impact of being raised by emotionally distant parents, the band refuses to hold back and opens up emotionally and spiritually to deliver a truly amazing album that will leave a lasting impression upon the metal scene worldwide. Continue reading »

Jun 212018

Eraserhead is the brainchild of Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance, Fearful Symmetry, Jupiter VI) together with former Deliverance band mates Jon Knox and Manny Morales. Their debut album will be released Sept. 18th on cd and vinyl via Retroactive Records. Listen to the second single ‘The Swell Lot of Thieves’ in the clip below.

About the album: For years Deliverance icon and creative mastermind has tried to balance speaking to fans of the thrash metal years, and fans of the Deliverance “creative years”. With Jimmy P. Brown II’s Eraserhead Jimmy is making a name change for the Deliverance sound that is full on heavy, metal, progressive, dark, and ultra creative (but not thrash or speed metal!). Featuring Manny Morales on bass, and Jon Knox (Adam Again, White Heart, Great White) on drums – this is the same trio responsible for the epic Deliverance releases titled “Learn” and “River Disturbance” which both feature Jimmy Brown as a master axeman on rhythm and lead guitars. As accomplished as Jimmy P. Brown II has been with mind-rattling epic metal releases like “Stay of Execution,” “Learn,” & “River….” With Eraserhead the bar has been set infinitely higher. Continue reading »