Jun 182022

The Italian power metal band Kaledon, featuring Michele Guaitoli (Temperance, Visions of Atlantis) on vocals just released a music video for ‘The Dawn of Dawns’, the first single from Their new album “Legend of the Forgotten Reign – Chapter VII: Evil Awakens”.

“Chapter VII: Evil Awakens” will be released on CD and digital on September 23rd via Beyond the Storm Productions.

The album contains powerful and fast songs, dynamic and energetic guitar riffs, new modern sounding keyboards, and much more. The album features special guests like Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia, Walk in Darkness) and James Mills (Hostile), respectively on “A Strike from the Unknown” and “The Story Comes to an End?”.

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Jun 102022

The melodic metal band Signum Regis just released their first ever live album entitled “Made in Switzerland” on CD and digital via Beyond the Storm Productions. The album was recorded in Wiedlisbach, Switzerland last year and was mastered by Tony Lindgren (Amorphis, Dragonforce, Powerwolf).

The band also just released a new live video for “Through the Desert, Through the Storm” taken from their 2015 EP “Through the Storm”. The song was featured in the HBO series “The Righteous Gemstones” earlier this year.

The video can be watched below.

Ronnie König of Signum Regis comments on the live album:

“If I had to say something about this album in one sentence, I would say this: “We came to the venue to play a regular show and we came back with an album.

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Jun 102022

Rottweiler Records has released “Volume 1” free for name your price download!

Rottweiler Records is a Dallas-area, Texas-based record label with a growing roster of devastatingly heavy artists in genres ranging from punk to death metal.

Rottweiler Records artists make real music for a real purpose and bring their “A Game” within their individual genres. We are looking for bold, prophetic men and women to make powerful music with a message of Hope and Truth.

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Jun 082022

This Friday (June 10), dwarven power metal unit, Wind Rose, are set to release their new album “Warfront” via Napalm Records. Today, the band releases a lyric video for the song, ‘Fellows Of The Hammer’. Watch the video below:

The five-piece from Pisa, Italy – which saw a massive breakthrough with their explosively viral reimagination of Minecraft-themed anthem ‘Diggy Diggy Hole’ (clocking in at over 30 million views on YouTube to date) – resurge with ten heroic songs to prepare for battle. Monumental opener ‘Of War And Sorrow’ makes way for gut-punching ‘Army Of Stone’, immediately getting your blood pumping when the power and folk metal infused hook kicks in – a feat Wind Rose deftly displays across Warfront. No matter how vast the storm, how frostbitten the winter cold, Wind Rose’s sense for sensational hooks and catchy riffs, topped by Francesco Cavalieri’s distinct voice, careens them to the forefront of their dark and sinister contemporaries without forfeiting their unique heaviness and grit.

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