Dec 042016

Stryper Aug 2014Legendary hard rockers Stryper will continue making albums and touring despite the band’s recent announcement that they will “take a hiatus” in early 2017.

Asked by Nick of the WSOU radio station if Stryper was still planning to go on a break following the completion of the recent tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their multi-platinum album “To Hell With The Devil”, frontman Michael Sweet said (hear audio below): “Well, some choices were made that affected the band and made us have to step back — kind of forced us to step back — and re-evaluate who we are and how we’re gonna continue. Without going into all the gory details… That being said, we have no plans of stopping. I mean, we had considered it and thought, well, maybe we should, but then we realized, well, that’s just fair to us, that’s not fair to the fans. So we’re gonna continue on for sure, we just don’t know how and when exactly.”

Sweet also talked about whether it’s likely that Stryper will carry on without bassist Tim Gaines, whose “personal matters” were previously revealed to be the reason for the band’s hiatus plans.

“Well, I mean, that remains to be seen, but it’s very possible, and I’d probably go as far as to say even probable,” Michael said. ‘But we don’t really know quite yet. It’s something that very well could happen, absolutely.” Continue reading »

Nov 162016

michaelsweet_2016Piper of conducted an interview with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet on November 13 at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. You can now watch the chat below.

Sweet‘s seventh solo album, “One Sided War”, was released on August 26 via Rat Pak Records. Backing Michael on the record are Hoekstra, Evanescence drummer Will Hunt, bassist John O’Boyle and East Coast shred-master Ethan Brosh.

Stryper‘s current tour is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band’s multi-platinum album “To Hell With The Devil”. Remaining dates and locations are listed below. Continue reading »

Sep 092016

stairwayClassic metal band Stairway from England has been busy making music since 1991. With six albums they have already gained a lot of experience. Their latest album “Power and Glory” has been released earlier this year. Later this month the band will play at the 2nd edition of Rock Alive in Enschede / the Netherlands. Recently we conducted an interview with the men of Stairway, check it below:

TMR: Hey guys this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in
United Kingdom ?

Hi there, yes, things are going great, really enjoying the summer and looking forward to playing Holland 24th September. Continue reading »

Sep 022016

GFMGFM is the new generation of bands in the Christian rock/metal scene. Hailing from St. Johns, Florida. Comprised of a trio of sisters, GFM infuses positive, youthful energy into traditional rock styling. The group’s family ties inherently developed a tight musical bond, though GFM didn’t officially begin touring until 2014. Since then, GFM has been sought out for both religious and secular events throughout the Southeast, playing festivals, community events, traditional venues and the Axes and Anchors Cruise (Feb. 2016)

In the interview below, Maggie English (Bass/keys/vocals) speaks about the debut EP “Death Of Giants” the upcoming full-lenght album “Identity Crisis” and much more.

TMR: Hello Maggie this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in Jacksonville, FL ?

Things are going great here in Jacksonville, FL! We have some super exciting things coming up. Continue reading »

Jul 242016

lamentations_logoPersonally I do not know many (Christian) metal bands from Asia, for me the most known is Kekal. A while ago I came across Progressive Death Metal band Lamentations, this metal duo hails from Singapore. Their debut album “Echoes in the Wind” has been released in February, available digitally (bandcamp) and as a digipack (bigcartel / Digipak album includes a 12 page booklet with artwork by Sci-Fi artist Ferdinand D. Ladera.

We recently spoke with Danny and Clarence, the interview can be read below.

TMR: Hey guys this is ‘The Metal Resource’ from Holland, how are things going there in Singapore ?

D: Its nice. Nice and hot as always.

C: Yeah, nice and hot as always. AND humid. Continue reading »