Mar 032018

SoundlinkTV recently caught up with Leroy Hamp from the Christian Metal band War of Ages while they were in Spartanburg South Carolina at Ground Zero. Check out what Leroy had to say about the bands latest release “Alpha”, their current tour with Convictions and Earth Groans and more.

Leroy Hamp talks “Christians in a band VS Christian band” and Facedown Records owner Jason Dunn. Check out the interview with SoundlinkTV  below.

The band’s 7th studio album is titled “Alpha” and, in keeping with the rest of the War of Ages cannon, boasts powerful cover art by Illustrator Dave Quiggle (below).

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Feb 102018

Silent Saga is a new (female fronted) metal band from Hamburg, Germany. Last year they released 3 EP’s (Ball Of Vanities, Immortal and The Path) and at the end of last year they launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance their debut album. This was successful within a month … Now they are preparing the release of their debut full-length debut album “Rise”. Check out the following interview we did with Renato, Alex and Sabrina of Silent Saga.

TMR: Hey guys this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in Germany ?

Hi, well things are very good here in Germany. We are being well received and we have a lot of gigs planned for 2018! This year is going to be a very loud and heavy one!!!

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Feb 012018

Project 86 hails from Orange County, California, formed in 1996. The band has released ten albums, two EPs, two DVDs, and one live album. Their music is considered by most to be a rock/post-hardcore/alternative style. Frontman Andrew Schwab‘s poetic and introspective lyrics have addressed a wide variety of topics such as conformity and emptiness. Last year Nov. they were part of the tenth anniversary of Brainstorm Festival (Netherlands) where they played an amazing show. A month later the band released their tenth album “Sheep Among Wolves”, the album is well received and gets good reviews by the press.

Recently we did an interview with founder and frontman Andrew Schwab, he talks about past & present of the band, his biggest fear, musical background, key principles, the new album, and much more:

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Nov 302017

Do you know Jack ? radio host Jack Antonio dials up Believer frontman and guitarist Kurt Bachman to chat about the band’s latest EP “3 of 5”. The guys discuss the Spinal Tapesque contraversy with the album cover, Kurt‘s faith/spirituality, whether or not he is a follower of Anton Levey or if his band is part of a Illuminati conspiracy, and, of course, the songs themselves! Of course, the guys delve into Believer titling one of their songs “Imagine Dragons”. Yup, they went there… You can listen to the chat below.

Progressive metallers Believer are back with new music. New songs from Believer will be released throughout 2017, culminating in the release of a physical product to be announced later this year. Believer fans will enjoy (or not) digital releases every few months with new artwork from Eye Level Studio’s Michael Rosner to accompany each release. The latest and third installment, titled “3 of 5,” contains two songs ‘Imagine Dragons’ and ‘King Of Oz’ and is released via Trauma Team Productions on Oct. 31th. The songs were mixed by Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios and mastered by Bill Wolf of Wolf Productions. Continue reading »

Nov 202017

Heirs Of Isildur frontman Matt Knowles is recently interviewed by radio show Honest Brutality that aired on 10.14.2017. The main impetus for the interview was the ‘world premiere’ of the song ‘Crossroads’ on their show that day. Listen to the chat below.

‘Heirs Of Isildur’ is a new project of ‘Matt Knowles’ (Royal Anguish). The debut album “The Crossroads Conundrum” will be released on Dec. 1st.  “The Crossroads Conundrum” album will be available on all majors digital platforms (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify) and physical copies can be pre-ordened from the project’s webstore.

The album will contain 12 tracks and is 53 minutes long.  And features guest appearances by: Corey Steger (original guitarist of Underoath), Cassie Morris (Unicorn Death), Chris Wicklein (Killing Addiction). Mastering for the album was done at Bonespill Studio by Bryan Exkermann (Scars of the Flesh, Screams of Abaddon). Continue reading »