Aug 262016

Dynasty_2016_411“Into Righteousness” is the first demo tape recorded by the Brazilian metal band Dynasty. Originally released in 1997, the demo was recorded by Nahor Andrade (Vocals), Filipe Duarte (Bass), Samuel Magno (Drums), Daflas Cruz and Walter Canuto (Guitar).

The demo contains the following tracks: 01 – Intro, 02 – The Prayer, 03 – War, 04 – Decibels, 05 – Today, 06 – Heroes, 07 – Wicked Streets, 08 – My Life

Now, the demo is available for streaming in the Spotify player below:

Albums: “Into Righteousness” Demo (1997), “The Angels Return” EP (1999), “Following the Sign” EP (2002), “Motus Perpetuus” (2004) , “Warriors of the King” (2010), “The End of the Legacy” (2011).

The current Dynasty line-up is:
Nahor Andrade (Vocals)
César Martins (Guitar/Vocals)
Filipe Otávio (Guitar/Vocals)
Dennis Limones (Bass)
Tiago Vitek (Drums)

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