Dec 082018

After a 2-year break in their career where no release was made, the Brazilian band Doomsday Hymn returns to the metal scene presenting a new lineup, visual identity and a new sound.

The formation this time counts on 4 members, being the vocalist Gil Lopes the unique one of the original formation. In addition to him, we have newcomers Renato Ribeiro (guitar of 6 and 7 strings), João Rafael (bass) and Jairo Messias (drums).

With the return of the band, they release a clip for the new single, entitled ‘O Fim’, which counts on the participation of former members. The track was recorded in Curitiba at Vox Dei Studio with production by Tiago Brandão.

According to Gil Lopes “The idea of bringing the band back came because Doomsday is part of me. There was not a single day in those two years when I did not think about going back, I never stopped composing songs for DDH, we have some songs ready and others in the process of composition. “

About the new musical proposal, it complements that it came from the need that perceived in the old formation of reaching a younger audience besides, to return the initial idea of the band that brought a more modern footprint. “At some point we have lost some of that and we have become more technical and I want to make songs that excite all the guys, from the old school crowd to the new crowd that likes the mosh and the circle pit.”

Doomsday Hymn‘s debut album “Mene Tequel Ufarsim” has been released in April 2015 via Rottweiller Records. Our review can be found here.

Doomsday Hymn is:
Gil Lopes: vocals
Renato Ribeiro: guitar
João Rafael: bass
Jairo Messias: drums

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Video for ‘O Fim’


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