Oct 092015

Azorrague_2015Brazilian Death/Thrash metal band Azorrague posted on September 29th a new song on you tube as a video lyrics for the song ‘Bloody Hands’. It´s the opening song of “Bringer of Terror” album, the trio´s newest album will be released this November through the new Brazilian label Metal Survivor.

“BoT” was recorded at Silent Music Studio, produced, mixed and mastered by Karim Serri (Doomsday Hymn, Desertor, Stauros, Maestah and others). There are 10 songs on this album of furious Death-thrash, where the band shows a considerable evolution if compared to the previous album, “Die with Us” which has been released in 2012.

Check out the new song ‘Bloody Hands’ below.

The band is comprised of: Fernando Frogel – Vocals/Bass, Jarlisson Batista (Macarrão) – Drums/Vocals, Roney Lopes – Guitar.


Weblinks: Facebook 

Lyric video: ‘Bloody Hands’

Video below: “Bringer of Terror” (Teaser)

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