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It’s almost there again, in 10 days the Brainstorm Festival 2018 will start. This will be the eleventh edition of this annual metal festival. As usual in Gigant in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). It’ s about time to announce the timetable for the festival!

On Friday the doors will open at 18:00 with fifteen minutes later the opening of the festival by Despicable Heroes. After this there will be performances by Angel Nation, Leonov and Signum Regis, to be concluded with Pyramaze. A nice start of the festival.

On Saturday the doors will open at 14:00 and we will start the day fifteen minutes later with the heroes of J’Accuse. After this there will be performances by Opus Irae, 2Strings, Diviner, Power Quest, Federico Truzzi and Eric Clayton And The Nine. At the end of the festival there will be a legendary performance by Tourniquet.

18.00 doors open
18.15 mainstage: Despicable Heroes (NL)
19.00 foyer: meet & greet with PYRAMAZE (DK/USA)
19.25 mainstage: Angel Nation (UK)
20.25 theater: Leonov (NO) – part 1
21.00 mainstage: Signum Regis (SK)
22.05 theater: Leonov (NO) – part 2
22.45 mainstage: PYRAMAZE (DK/USA)

14.00 doors open
14.15 mainstage: J’Accuse (NL)
14.55 theater: presentation ‘kanker-koekjes’ in Dutch
15.20 mainstage: Opus Irae (DE)
16.10 theater: 2Strings (ITA)
16.50 mainstage: Diviner (GR)
18.00 foyer: meet & greet with Eric Clayton and The Nine (USA/NL)
18.15 foyer: meet & greet with Tourniquet (USA)
18.45 mainstage: Power Quest (UK)
19.50 theater: Opus Irae (DE)
20.30 mainstage: Eric Clayton and The Nine (USA/NL)
21:50 theater: Truzzi Federico (ITA)
22:30 mainstage: Tourniquet (USA)

Time-table for Brainstorm Fest 2018

The time-table for Brainstorm Festival 2018 is now available. On Friday 9 November doors open at 18.00 hour; on Saturday 10 November the festival explodes at 14.00 hour. Make sure you be there in time to see the following amazing bands:Friday18.00 doors open18.15 mainstage: Despicable Heroes (NL)19.00 foyer: meet & greet with PYRAMAZE (DK/USA)19.25 mainstage: Angel Nation (UK)20.25 theater: Leonov (NO) – part 121.00 mainstage: Signum Regis (SK)22.05 theater: Leonov (NO) – part 222.45 mainstage: PYRAMAZE (DK/USA)Saturday14.00 doors open14.15 mainstage: J'Accuse (NL)14.55 theater: presentation ‘kanker-koekjes’ in Dutch15.20 mainstage: Opus Irae (DE)16.10 theater: 2Strings (ITA)16.50 mainstage: Diviner (GR)18.00 foyer: meet & greet with Eric Clayton and The Nine (USA/NL)18.15 foyer: meet & greet with Tourniquet (USA)18.45 mainstage: Power Quest (UK)19.50 theater: Opus Irae (DE)20.30 mainstage: Eric Clayton and The Nine (USA/NL)21:50 theater: Truzzi Federico (ITA)22:30 mainstage: Tourniquet (USA)Tickets are still available through:www.brainstormfestival.bigcartel.com (creditcard / paypal)www.gigant.nl (iDeal)Also tickets will be available at the doors.Info:www.brainstormfestival.comwww.gigant.nl

Geplaatst door Brainstorm Fest op Maandag 29 oktober 2018

Brainstorm Festival
 was formed in the beginning of 2008 with a clear mission to enter a new era of music festivals as we know it. Brainstorm Festival is known as an independent cultural rock- and metalfestival, that provides a stage to both new talent as well as metal-dinosaurs. The festival combines hardrock with extreme metal. Besides concerts Brainstorm Festival offers a program in the theater of the club with acoustic performances, interviews, debate and competitions. Also there is an exposition taking place each year, plus a small metal-market.

For further information on Brainstorm Fest, visit their website: brainstormfestival.com


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