Apr 192017

Metal/Djent band Bloodline Severed has returned with a brand new album “Process of Progression” which is the follow-up to 2012’s “Letters to Decapolis”. The album is engineered/recorded/mixed/mastered by Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty / Whisper from Heaven) at Corzine Studio  Artwork (below) is created by DC Mills (Vials of Wrath / ex Bloodline Severed) with Unblind Design. The new album is available for streaming and/or download from bandcamp.

Bloodline Severed is currently a 6 piece melodic deathcore band. With an unrelenting passion for music, people, and their faith in God, they have endured several line-up changes over their years of existence, but continue to persevere in developing a steady nationwide fanbase. Each current member comes from a unique musical background, with influences that vary greatly. Styles ranging from Djent to Metalcore can be heard in their sound. The band consists of new vocalist Corey Weaver, David Whichard-Bass, Aaron Macemore-guitar, Daniel Macemore-guitar, Joey Cowan-guitar and on drums ?.

Our review of “Letters to Decapolis” can be found here.

Bloodline Severed continues to transform lives and make a difference at every show and in every city they have an opportunity to play.

01. Exousia 04:50
02. Light 04:46
03. Confession 05:07
04. Fire 05:22
05. Legion 04:57
06. Perfection 05:08
07. Identity 05:03
08. Alone 04:09
09. Alive 03:57
10. Closure 04:38
11. Man of Sorrows (bonus track) 04:14

 Website: BandcampReverbnation / Facebook / Gofundme



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