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Oct 192012

One of the biggest challenges that could face a band is when the line up has several changes over the course of its existence (The last remaining original, founding members of the band, bassist, lead vocalist Jason Wisdom & drummer Brent Duckett left the band late 2011). Effectively having the potential to alter the DNA the band is synonymous for, or has become popularized through.

The result could either impact negatively, or be a refreshingly leap that is both effective and inspiring, charting a new course that could take them to the next level. The result is that their sixth release, “I am” is an album that I find effectively balances precariously between the two. The Current line up stands currently as, Seth Hecox – rhythm guitar, keyboards, clean vocals, Daniel Gailey – lead guitar, backing vocals, Chris McCane – lead vocals, Codey Watkins – bass and Chris Heaton – drums, percussion.

The resulting chemical infusion in the latest line-up rears a new sound that mostly steers away from their albums of past, and embodies an embrace of a new beast with a new vision. This album seems to show the band reaching for a new career where within they might be able to achieve the embracement of new fans, not to the exclusion of the old fans. To a large extent they move away from the progressive sound of the past that was caught in lofty melodic passages. In short, Becoming the Archetype get down to playing metal. What you get is death metal embedded with a dose of hardcore, in layman’s terms, its deathcore . I did enjoy some parts of their more stripped down formula whilst still able to retain some of their experimental DNA. There is no denying the great musical skill of the musicians, and thus the songs are presented with great technical prowess, particularly in the lead guitar work of Daniel Gailey. The album as a whole, casts a heavier sound, whilst retaining the flavour of their previous work.”The title, and final track, “I am” and “The Time Bender” are for myself characteristic of those elements.

One can get the sense as one goes through the tracks that the songs are very similar, almost to similar at times, and this can impact negatively on the overall strength of an album, but the saving grace here is that the energy is strong and proud through-out. One of the songs that caught my attention was “The War Ender” a furiously energised guitar driven eruption from beginning to end, and drives home well and sure, and is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Overall the album is good. Its however not their best work. You get a little bit of an overdose of breakdowns, and the similar guitar jugging throughout the tracks adds to the pitfall of the lack of diversity between the songs, and this can get boring after awhile. New vocalist Chris McCane fits well in the somewhat new direction that band seems steered towards, but not as dynamic as Jason Wisdom was. However, fans of the band won’t have to make too many adjustments to enjoy the album. In essence It was for myself a difficult album to fully appreciate on first listen, and thus I believe you got to give it time to germinate, as it has the potential to grow on one the more you listen to it. I think the album will harness from its latest investment new fans, and will cement a new age for the band, and we can hope that things will just get better as they take hold of their new identity from here on in.

Review by: Donovan de Necker

Rating: 7/10

Band members:
Seth Hecox – rhythm guitar, keyboards, clean vocals
Daniel Gailey – lead guitar, backing vocals
Chris McCane – lead vocals
Codey Watkins – bass
Chris Heaton – drums, percussion

1. The Ocean Walker
2. The Time Bender
3. The Eyes Of The Storm
4. The Sky Bearer
5. The Machine Killer
6. The War Ender
7. The Weapon Breaker
8. The Planet Maker
9. The Sun Eater
10. I Am

Record Label: Solid State Records, Sept. 2012

2005 – Terminate Damnation
2007 – The Physics of Fire
2008 – Dichotomy
2011 – Celestial Completion
2012 – I am

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