Christmas Rock Night 2012

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Jan 082013

Christmas-Rock-Night-2012Another winter and before the holiday season it was again time for another Christmas Rock Night. With this year’s line-up with allot of predictable bands but also some for CRN ‘new’ ones like For Today and End Of September. Although predicable I was eager to see Wolves at the Gate and Children 18:3 again because they both released a great new album. Continue reading »

Nov 062012

August Burns Red landed in Eindhoven for their European tour 2012. Last time I saw them was at Groezrock 2011. That was just before the release of Leveler. They brought The Devil Wears Prada with them also my first show of them after the release of Dead Throne. They also brought Veil Of Maya with them after Whitechapel cancelled.

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Freakstock 2012

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Sep 092012

Freakstock 2012Freakstock is a Christian Alternative Festival organized by the German JesusFreaks and held in Borgentreich Germany. Freakstock started in 1995 and was held in Wiesbaden but since 2009 in some old barracks in Borgentreich. The festival presents many varieties of Christian music, workshops and seminars. But the festival has more activities to offer including paintball, a soccer competition, tattoo artist, different shops, art exhibition and more.

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