Sep 252017

The melodic metal band Within Silence just released a music video for ‘Heroes Must Return’, the first single from their new album “Return From The Shadows”. The video can be watched below.

“Return From The Shadows” will be released on October 27th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records.

“Return From The Shadows” is a perfect follow-up to the debut album “Gallery of Life” and feels like a more mature and focused album. The impressive song-writing and melodies are still there, and together with heavy riffs, symphonic arrangements and epic parts the result is a really strong album. Continue reading »

Sep 242017

‘Lost In The Moment’, the new video from the Michigan post-hardcore outfit We Came As Romans, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s fifth album, “Cold Like War”, which will be released on October 20 through SharpTone Records.

According to a press release, the disc represents adversity — in all of its various forms. It is a thrilling, energetic and immensely catchy compendium of songs that run the full gambit of emotion — aggression to sorrow, love to hate — to capture the fullest extent of the conflict and turmoil We Came As Romans endured to make it to this point in their careers and their lives.

‘Cold Like War’ is about struggle, those trials,” says guitarist and songwriter Joshua Moore. “They can turn us towards each other, towards those we love, towards those who have supported us. Because the last two years to us have felt like this giant war — an internal war — to figure out the right path for our band… to figure out how to stay together and be happy again.” Continue reading »

Sep 242017

Video footage of Horror influenced thrash/punk rock project Blast From Oblivion‘s first Live performance (Sept. 15) at The Sounds of Hope Coffee House, Clinton, NY. can be watched below.

A Live Acoustic Horror show with songs from “To Hell and Back” &  the new album “Restrained”.

A Mysterious Character known as Splatter Guts from an Unknown Realm, was sent To Hell & Back & was transformed from something Evil into something Spiritual. Splatter Guts was then brought back to life by our Almighty Creator. Blast From Oblivion was then born. Bringing you the journey of his life & other horrific topics.  Continue reading »

Sep 232017

Symphonic Metal Band Silent Saga recently released ‘New Horizons’ a brand new song. which appears on their upcoming EP. It has a strong dynamic and powerful lyrics with a catchy chorus.

Sabrina Todt will tell you what was in her mind when she wrote it.

“The main topic came from some Sci Fi movie that I saw (probably), which may sound a little weird, but what’s important is what is behind of it… as always right?! So here it is, check it out what my crazy mind was thinking when I wrote that:

“When I wrote this lyric my Sci Fi mode was on…

“The main character wakes in a pod in outer space and all he can think about is that he is an unfortunate man that will miss all the things he had done in life while he was on earth, because every little thing that he does in this pod must be very precise or he can die. Therefore, recklessness is not more a word in his dictionary, if you know what I mean. Continue reading »

Sep 232017

Ascending King is the brainchild of Aaron Kirby, known as Ruah. The band started in 2015, releasing a single under a short stint at SkyBurnsBlack Records, before ultimately signing with Nosral Recordings this year as the label’s first band. Ruah was previously the vocalist for Dryline, a metalcore band off Zero Sum Recordings, beginning in 1999 until they disbanded in 2008.

The doom metal band just released their debut EP, “Funeral of a Species” through Nosral Recordings (A new label founded by Michael John Larson (aka Sebat), guitarist of Frost Like Ashes). Continue reading »