Apr 212019

Melech has just released a new digital single. Inspired by the ancient prayer Agnus Dei. The melody in the refrain is written by Ulf Samuelsson and rearranged by Rickard Jachin Gustafsson. Cover art work by Rune Hansen. The song is available from bandcamp.

Melech is a side project from Ricke and Karl of Swedish death metal band Pantokrator and exist as an additional creative outlet. All music is written and performed by Rickard, lyrics by Karl. The debut album “Melech Ha Olam” has been released in Dec. 2017 Continue reading »

Apr 202019

Jesus Christ – The Exorcist is a monumental project in Neal Morse’s already impressive discography. A Progressive Rock Opera 10 years in the making, it was written and produced by Morse and includes performances by Neal and an all-star cast of vocalists and musicians. Jesus Christ – The Exorcist will be released on June 14th on a double album set featuring about two hours of music that will encompass all the spectrums and genres Neal Morse is known for and will, of course, tell the Story of Stories. Good Friday sees the release of the new track ‘There’s A Highway’. Listen below.

When asked about what fans can expect sound wise from the album, Morse explains, “Oh, it is completely diverse. There are touching ballads, rousing ensemble pieces, classical elements and dramatic Broadway musical type songs as well. It is really meant to be listened and experienced all the way through as you would a play or an opera. I hope that people will experience it in that way because I think that’s where they will really find the power in this piece of music.” Continue reading »

Apr 192019

It’s been over a year since Underøath released their eighth studio album “Erase Me”. It’s been a journey for them – and has left the band having to openly defend themselves and their own artistic choices against internet bullies, and critical Underoath fans.

The band want to share that complex journey with their fans,

Their behind the scenes documentary, Get Over It (The Making of Erase Me) can be watched below. Continue reading »

Apr 192019

Celldweller continues to reveal more of his upcoming 5th studio album, “Satellites,” with the 3rd new single, ‘A Matter of Time,’ from Klayton’s owned/operated independent record label, FiXT. ‘A Matter of Time’ pushes chugging, heavy guitars with fast-paced beats and synth programming, clocking in at just over 6 minutes. The track showcases Klayton’s wide ranging vocal styles, from aggressive screams to layered harmonies, vocoders and melodic hooks, while incorporating elements of Psy-Trance and an intense electro-metal bridge.

The lyric video for ‘A Matter of Time’ can be seen below.
Continue reading »

Apr 192019

The debut solo ep “Alizarin” from Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson is released on April 15th. “Alizarin” is available globally on all major digital platforms so please go give it a listen!

“Alizarin” is something I’ve been working on for Some time now and I’ve decided to finally put it all down and share it with the world.

I know this 4 track EP may surprise a few of you, but know that this is my heart, my everything, all laid bare for the wold to hear. Literally everything on this has been composed and recorded myself and it’s currently an instrumental work covering numerous genres. Where will it go? Well, I’ll leave that open to your imagination. Trust me, this is just the beginning! Continue reading »