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Mar 152018

J’Accuse is a five-piece hardcoreband from the Netherlands. As they state in their own words: “J’accuse! stands for speaking what we think is true, no matter what the consequenses are. We spare nothing or nobody, including ourselves. Formed in June 2012 to play lightning fast hardcore with honesty and passion, J’Accuse…! has seasoned hardcore veterans as it’s members. Between the five of them, they’ve played a couple of hundred shows, and it shows; energetic and aggressive, they know how to work a crowd.”

Now they are back with a new EP, call it an album with eight tracks if you wish, so let’s give it a listen.

It all begins with some French gibberish, okay my own fault that I don’t speak French. But when the bass kicks in all the mayhem breaks loose. Up-tempo hardcore with an aggression and melodic temperament that is continued throughout the whole album. To make it perfectly clear right from the start; don’t expect your typical New York hardcore….. Nope, it is so much more, Peter hasn’t got the average hardcore throat. It is more high pitched screams with low growls. Very refreshing! Towards the end of the track ‘Battles’ there are the more typical hardcore screams, done by Thomas I guess. Not bad, not bad at all… Thomas wrote all the music by the way. Continue reading »

Spirit And The Bride – “Dry Bones”

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Jan 272018

Cincinnati, Ohio, based Spirit and the Bride are back with their second full-length album “Dry Bones” If you read this and you come to the end of the review, you will notice that it came out in May 2017…. I know, I am a bit, okay much too late with the review, sorry about that.

What about the lyrics? Well I think they said it very well in their own words in the reviewer notes:

“Each song deals with spiritual matters, from being in the Bloodline of Christ (“Bloodline”), to praying for the heavens to open (“Open Heavens”), to the epiphany of the thief on the cross. The album has a spiritual progression throughout — one of hope, redemption and love. God provided a way for us to rid ourselves of self-hatred, and this album explores all aspects of the journey.”

Guest vocals are also present on the album by Nick Detty from Wolves at the Gate (song Dead Men), and Zack McKim from Take it Back! / Paperweight (song Jesus Wept). Continue reading »

Your Memorial – “Self-Titled”

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Jan 052018

Metalcore band Your Memorial, from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, are back with their last release, a self-titled EP. The band was founded in 2008 and they released three studio albums before this last EP. On May 9 in 2017 the band announced that they were disbanding. On November 11, 2017 they played their final show. Now let’s check their last EP out;

First track of this five-song EP is called ‘Degenerate’ and it begins with a menacing sound and the brutality and heaviness don’t let you wait for too long. The drumkit is almost smashed to pieces when it all begins. Totally no sign of degeneration here. Compared tot heir previous album “Redirect” this album follows suit and picks up where they left with that album. The riffs and screams are, as always, perfectly intserspersed with clean vocals. Continue reading »

Unseen Faith – “Waver”

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Nov 012017

Unseen Faith is a Christian Danish metalcore/deathcore band with a lot of djent influences. After their last release, the “Yokebreaker” EP in 2015, they are back with their sophomore debut album “Waver”. If this debut album is just as heavy as their EP, then we are in for a treat…

Right from the beginning with the first track ‘Lost World’ the album blasts through my headphones with real fury and even some middle eastern melodies. Blastbeats and screams are present and alternated with more djent-like parts.

‘Friend Of The Devil’ has a beginning that is menacing and sets a tone that makes you thirsty for more and expectant when the breakdown will hit. This album is packed with intricate compositions. Music like this has a tendency to have a overload of breakdowns and just some parts to glue them together. This is not the case with this album from Unseen Faith, breakdowns are only present where they serve the song. And yes, every song has it’s breakdowns. Some tracks also have clean vocals but with a raw edge, for example in the song ‘Dystopia’. And the sound of the bassguitar at the beginning of the fourth track ‘The Sceptic’ will silence all the people who are sceptic about the part of the bassplayer. (Did you notice what I did there?) And yes, there is the first pig squeal, albeit in a subtle way. Subtle and deathcore….?!?? Continue reading »

From The Heart – “Make It Last”

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Sep 252017

Dutch based hardcore outfit From The Heart, hailing from Rotterdam, are back with their second full-length album “Make It Last”. The release date is set on October 20, 2017. Let’s keep it short and skip directly to the actual album.

The first track ‘Intro’ is exactly that; an intro. Where other bands sometimes make their intro’s long and boring or completely unnecessary, From The Heart knows how to give it a punch. This is an intro that immediately makes you hungry for more. Directly followed by ‘Passion’, a song with a high old school New York hardcore vibe. I am instantly reminded of hardcore-legends Sick Of It All, and yes that is a compliment. The track isn’t alone called ‘Passion’ it is full of passion… ‘King Of The Hill’ rages forth with the same energy, packed with heavy riffs and the breakdown at 0:22 minutes…. Just epic! This track is one of my personal favorites.

‘Self-Destruct’is with 2:49 minutes the longest track, never a dull moment though. Continue reading »