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Pyramaze – “Contingent”

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Mar 232017

Some bands make your job so hard to review, Pyramaze was such a band, as from the get go I found myself struggling to review it without drawing myself away from the raw explosion of the music to give a down the line review. So here it is as honest as I can.

Pyramaze are a rocking progressive metal outfit from Denmark. Formed in 2001 this progressive melodic metal outfit explode out with “Land Of Information” which sets the album with a symphonic intro build up that has a big feel, emphasized by the choruses and vocal harmonies that penetrate and set the stage for what is a great album.

“Contingent” is an album with a very clean production quality, and yet able to capture the talent and energy of the band. They manage to package a wide variety of stylistic influences into their songs and the album as a whole. Very few bands grab me from the start and this is one of those bands, they hit the ground like Thor’s mighty hammer. It’s atomically excellent. Vocals are great and powerful, the recording allows for clean pronunciation. Terje’s vocal ability is certainly a high light of the album. The album flows smoothly into “Kingdom Of Solace” that again highlights the creativity and song writing prowess of the band. If you a fan of lots of great lead guitar work, and amazing keyboard musicianship in your metal, reach out and get this album. Continue reading »

Mar 072017

After each listen of Signum Regis one appreciates what they do more and more. They don’t necessarily win you off the bat, but a love affair grows with them the more time you spend listening to them. Unfortunately into day’s myriad of European styled heavy metal bands it’s a hard job to stand out from the crowd. Also the level of musicianship is growing which makes it harder not to come across average, even when you are nothing like average. Signum Regis get a lot right in what they do, though it’s not perfect, and this is where I found my love affair with them started with the release of Chapter IV: The Reckoning.

Signum Regis is a Slovak power metal band, which was founded in 2007 by the bass player and songwriter Ronnie König. They are a little more than your standard power metal outfit and I found that they have a lot of progressive melodic elements to their interpretation of the genre.

If you like bands like Golden Resurrection and Divinfire then this is a band you need to listen to. Lyrically bold, and excellent musicianship paint the landscape of Decennium Primum. The album is consistent in its material and lyrics throughout, but it’s a hard bat as a band with the likes of a band like Golden Resurrection swimming in the same pool. Continue reading »

Carousel Kings – “Charm City”

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Feb 112017

The Chicago based music label Victory Records has over the years signed quite a few solid bands, bands like Taking Back Sunday, A Day To Remember and Bayside come immediate to mind. Victory Records has had multiple records that have exceeded the 250,000 sales mark, including some gold records as well. Originally the key focus from the label was instituted on hardcore punk and post-hardcore bands, but later the record label branched out and expanded its roster to include emo and pop punk acts. This is where American easycore band Carousel Kings from Lancaster, Pennsylvania enters the picture with their 2017 album release, “Charm City”.

They originally started their career on CI Records before signing to Victory Records. “Carousel Kings began in 2009 with the release of their EP Here Comes Trouble. The band released their first full-length album titled Speak Frantic in 2010. In March 2012 the band released their second album titled A Slice Of Heaven. In November 2012 the band released an EP titled Road Warrior. Two years later the band released their third album titled Unity via CI Records” – Wikipedia

So what can I say about “Charm City”, the band’s latest release on Victory Records? Well we see straight off the bat that they have been around for some time. Now that they are in a relationship with Victory Records could this be the moment for them, where they shine? Remembering it’s not just the label that makes the band, it’s also the talent of the individuals within the band, and together with the label, and the strength of that relationship will in some ways dictate the success of that band. It’s a two street like any relationship. Continue reading »

Jan 262017

Ancient Prophecy is band out of Germany formed in 1996 and have had released two demo’s,  “Days of Doom” (1998), and “New Chapter” (2010, update 2011) in the past. The new album “Pounded by Our Sins” released in 2015 shows the band playing an interesting blend of traditional heavy metal and power metal with progressive and death elements. In essence Ancient Prophecy is a hybrid metal band.

They take their music and play it with high quality. Their songs are often filled with melodic solo’s, and catchy riffs which paints the landscape for Jaqueline Kunz (main, back-vocals) and her amazing clean vocals balanced by  growling and screaming male vocals. In all I find the music is atmospheric and hard hitting and their songs are filled about their personal relationship with God and the life of a believer. It has quiet an outreach and ministry value as an album.

You can hear from the lyrics throughout that Ancient Prophecy make music to honour God. There is no mistaking in who their faith is in, the one true God. There is Jesus all over the lyrics, and those lyrics are bold testimonials of their faith in Jesus Christ. “Our lyrics talk about life with Jesus Christ and the experiences of those who trust in Him. God is sovereign and cannot be influenced; He stands by His word (the Bible), even if everyone were to renounce Him and the world were to end.” – Ancient Prophecy Continue reading »

Skillet – “Unleashed”

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Jan 252017

Skillet is probably one of the most popular ‘mainstream’ Christian American rock bands out there today. They have managed to garner success in an industry that is getting harder and harder to sell a lot of records in. In many respects they have the t-shirt and they wear it well, despite some criticisms. Though there sound has become more derivative over time, again they wear it well, and one needs to just balance it out with their success to know that it works for them. Nevertheless Skillet has found a home in their style which is a very aggressive interpretation of in your face arena style rock.

The latest offering from the band exactly fits that aggressive representation of rock that they seemingly been moulding themselves towards over the last while, and thus with a title like, “Unleashed” makes for a great description, and invitation to what the listener is going to be introduced to before even turning the volume up. This is Skillet, ‘unleashed’. There is no mistaken Skillet is a big band, and with that popularity comes expectation, and thus to continue their momentum Skillet need to grow their formula and set forth a package that not only introduces new fans to their sound, but invites back the old fans that might have fallen away over time. Continue reading »