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Jul 132017

There have been a few albums that can be filed under gimmick or affiliation that though its nice, it comes across cute rather than professional, a nice idea, but should have been left as that. Though every once in awhile it works and Song Kids is one of those projects that though cute, mildly gimmicky, has a sense of professionalism as well as being entertaining.

So Swedish sisters Filippa and Agnes Samuelsson from the duo Songkids are back with a new uptempo album for kids in all ages, titled Aldrig ensam (meaning is “Never alone”).
Since the debut release in 2015, the girls have had about twenty gigs in Sweden and Norway, they have participated in radio shows and on sponsoring galas and the anti-bullying song En riktig vän (A true friend) has been on heavy rotation on Swedish National Radio P4 and highlighted by anti-bullying organisation Friends.

With this experience behind, they have written new songs, along with their father, Jonatan (bass player for Narnia, and label manager for JONO and Adora). So this is where the bonuses come in, I have a huge respect for the band Narnia, and having an accomplished musician like Jonatan it does solidify and validate the music a lot, and does bare witness to its creditability as an album. Continue reading »

Jun 142017

My love for old school hardcore stems back to my teens listening to bands of the likes of Youth of Today, Judge, Agnostic Front, Black Flag, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds and many more. Got to admit I am still trying to wrap my head around today’s modern interpretations of hardcore, guess I am an old school hardcore kid till death.

So here we are with 2 Minute Minor, formed in 2016, is a positive old school style Chicago hardcore band, and immediately before even getting into the album, picture bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag and even old school D.R.I. (D.R.I. bit will explain later). So get your boots ready for some pit slamming, two-stepping hardcore old school style music done right. Consisting of Wiley Willis (Vocals) who formed this band which is reminiscent of the late 80’s to early 90’s sound; passionately screaming for change. Bob Shields (Guitar) plays punk rock riffs with pure power and he’s perfectly out of step. Zach Birdier pounds aggressively on the drums so we remember the one thing that still holds true. Virgil Lloyd’s (2nd guitar) brings us back to Old Tyme Hardcore and creates a heartbeat for the songs. Noam O (Bass) walks the bass so we don’t forget the struggle or the streets, laying down the low-end road map. 2Minute Minor now offers up to you their debut “A Goons Best Friend”, a hard-hitting dose of reality that will help you to navigate through your life just as making this record has helped 2Minute Minor enrich their own. Continue reading »

Marc Leach – “Hail To The Geeks”

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Jun 122017

I have to admit I have heard very few instrumental albums in the last while, either they scarce, or I am looking in the wrong places for them. Two rock/metal musicians stand out for me when you looking at this type of album, one is Steve Vai and the other Joe Satriani, both kingsman of this genre in my books. So when I was giving, “Hail To The Geeks” to review, a must admit I dived in with some scepticism a bit, A, because I never heard of Marc Leach, and B, well to pull off an instrumental album, and make it sound great is not an easy task, for me it takes a whole next level of musicianship to pull off that. You telling a story through your music, and to draw the listener along without out lyrics in this age is no easy task. Then add the geek aspect to it, and you like ok am I suppose to take it seriously. I tell you this to be a geek and to be able to geek out is awesome. How that translates into an instrumental rock album well here goes…..

So here I was presented with the album, “Hail To The Geeks” by Northern Irishmen Marc Leach who wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all of it by himself. Marc himself is a highly regarded photographer on the Belfast music scene. “Hail To The Geeks is a record that is full of geeky references from Doctor Who to Metal Gear Solid, subjects which are close to Marc’s heart while keeping the music entirely instrumental. Marc is a self confessed geek and so naturally the out working of that and the geek kingdom of which he indulges in comes to the fore in “Hail To The Geeks” a sort of packaged music box of geekiness. He allows for the geekiness to flow through his musical ability yet one can gather the seriousness of influences of the likes of Devin Townsend and Steve Vai in the mix. Continue reading »

Jun 012017

Choirs of Veritas is a Christian Metal project from Milan, influenced by classical music, symphonic music and power metal. The name of the band literally means “Choirs Of Truth”, to symbolize the union between music and the spiritual truth attributable to Jesus Christ.

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”[John 14.6].”

I Am The Way, The Truth, And Life” is Choirs of Veritas first full length album. A album that basically brings the love of music and God together, showing the love they have for the music and for God. The album does not splice words as to whether this is a Christian band or not. What we have here is a band that has a conviction in their beliefs for God and His Kingdom truths. Continue reading »

Mindmaze – “Resolve”

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May 122017

Concept albums are interesting ones for myself, sometimes coming across a lot more personal and real. So from Allentown, Pennsylvania we have weighing in with a mixture of progressive, melodic, traditional and power metal influences the band Mindmaze consisting the sibling duo of vocalist Sarah Teets and guitarist Jeff Teets, along with Rich Pasqualone on bass and Mark Bennett, the new drummer. “Resolve” is their third release and is signed under Inner Wound Recordings. “Resolve” is Mindmaze’s first conceptual release, and in this the theme is one that explores the depth of human emotion and struggling in the face of loss and betrayal.

“Resolve” is an album that from the start is massed with energy and emotion. An album of intense emotions and personal testimony in way that can or could be a hard album to digest for some, but Mindmaze create such a beautiful and intense landscape, and the driving energy keep you interested throughout, so hopefully people see that. “Resolve” is artistic, beautiful, intense, emotional, full of energy and delivers with an abundance of memorizing mucianship ie: “Drown Me”.

The thing with Mindmaze is that the sound and melodies are approachable, I am not saying they commercially acceptable in terms of some of those mindless one line pop songs, but the melodies and vocals are easy on the ears to be excepted by a wider audience. Look there are a great many female fronted metal bands out there, but Sarah Teets comes across professional and strong in her vocal performance exacting the emotions and ferocities of the songs as needed when needed. As I said if I analyse a song like “Drown Me” it comes across in movements and sweeps like a beautifully composed and constructed symphonic orchestra piece. Continue reading »