Tigerwine – “Die With Your Tongue Out”

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Mar 102018

This is the debut album from the band Tigerwine, from Colorado Springs, CO. This progressive post-hardcore band combines it with the gloomy low-end of new-grunge which makes their sound very unique. In 2015 they signed at Blood & Ink Records where they released their first EP called Lull. This album released on 14th of April 2017.

The album starts with Kiku, which is the intro to the next song. It starts the album quite relaxed, but it is followed by Spit, which introduces you to their unique sound. The filthy sound of the guitars and the rhythm of the drums are a good combination with the clean vocals they use in the beginning. The moment the grunting comes in it gives that extra edge to make it fun to listen to. It doesn’t sound very messy, which you could have with a lot of post-hardcore bands. It is just messy enough to sound good. Continue reading »

D.O.G. (Disciples of God) – “Unleashed”

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Feb 222018

D.O.G.’s “Unleashed” is a caffeine kick. Slumped over my keyboard, I picked “No One Rides for Free” and instantly perked up. The production on the first track is crisp and punchy, and the message is clear: “Repent while you still got the time – Christ can save your life.” D.O.G make no bones about salvation; it cost sacrifice and you too will be called to take tough decisions. Remember the rich young man (Mark 10:17-31)?

I admire Terry Russell’s ability to both sing and play the drums – I can’t even begin to think how one is able to drum a different rhythm with each appendage, as well as sing all at the same time.

If I drove a convertible, I’d put the top down and crank “Seeking Your Face”. The guitars are meaty, and the bass booming. There’s plenty guitar solo action here too. When you listen to the album, I think you’ll agree that it sounds fat. To my ears, it’s like the drums are tight yet spread wide across the stereo spectrum (listen to “Pay the Piper” and you’ll know what I mean). Listen out for the catchy sing along chorus in this song: “Time to pay the piper / Time to pay the price / Time to slay the viper / Time to pay the piper”, which I bet is going to stick in your mind. Continue reading »

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh – “Identity Crisis”

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Feb 082018

Jacksonville, Florida brings us the beautycore band Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh, also known as GFM. 3 sisters started this band and also introduced a new genre. Beautycore is a mix of hardrock and metalcore played by exclusively women. The sisters are also quite young, with the oldest being 18 and the youngest 13. They want to bring a message of hope and strength in a dark and hurting age.

This band is quite interesting. They show that even with their young age they know how to make music. Their first song Beneath the Skin is a great introduction to this band. It’s powerful and just sounds great. The heavy guitar riff and the clean strums make a great combination. The sound they have reminds me a lot of Icon For Hire in their early years. GFM’s song Graveyard of Identities starts off with the first time on this album grunting becomes part of their sound. It fits right in and just sound great with the rest of their sound. They do a great job combining hard rock with metalcore. It sounds so natural and make the metalcore sound more acceptable for people who don’t really like it. I’m a big fan of bands like Memphis May Fire ands The Devil Wears Prada, but I also like bands like Skillet and I must say that GFM picks enough of both styles to make a great combination. The song Chatter in the Room is different from the rest of the songs. It is softer and actually a pleasant pause from their heavy sound. Continue reading »

Withered Bones – “In Search of Self Evidence”

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Feb 082018

Melodic Hardcore band Withered Bones has no shortage of emotion on their 2017 release “In Search of Self-Evidence.” This follow-up to the Phoenix, Arizona band’s 2015 album, “For the Ones I Love” is filled to the brim with raw screams, heavy guitars and pounding drums, while still maintaining a melodic and musical feel.

The intro track, “Suffer”, caught me by surprise. I suddenly thought I was listening to a post-rock album. The track is a perfect introduction, as the emotion is evident from the first note. You can really feel something as the intro builds, and it does a great job of catching your attention, and making sure you’re paying attention as it segways into “A Vice’s Grip”.

The most obvious trait of this track was instantly the quality of the vocal performance. Russel Ullrich left nothing at the door. The emotion is immediately apparent, and I felt myself drawn in, wanting to know what this guy cared so much about. The vocal performance is also supported by equally polished vocal production. From recording to mix and master, the vocal was made to cut through clearly, and it sounds great. The performances keep up the emotion throughout the album, and “Unmatched” is no exception. This song did a good job of flowing naturally from thoughtful and melodic, to heavy and head-banging and back again. A lot of the songs felt somewhat familiar in terms of chord progressions and melodies, but especially in “Unmatched” it’s hard to pinpoint whether that is because it’s been done before, or if it just feels right. Continue reading »

Outrage A.D. – “New Blood”

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Feb 072018

Those in the know peg death metal’s beginnings to somewhere in the 1980’s, with Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” held up as the archetypal early death metal record. An offshoot of thrash metal, early death metal shifted its focus from politics to horror – and inspired by the likes of extreme metal bands like Venom, seemed to revere Old Nick; lyrically, and in the album art.* *Disclaimer: I know precious little about early death metal, so a big shout out goes to Banger TV (Canada).

Outrage A.D., founded in 1992 by Mart Marion (vox/guitar), Nick Richer (drums) and Art Robillard (bass), had its roots in thrash metal. They released two EP’s on cassette, 1992’s “Hail God”, followed by “Waiting for the Son” a year later. For their debut full-length release (on Nosral Recordings) Mart, Nick and new bassist, Nicolas Miquelon revisited a few early favourites and also wrote new material for “New Blood”, out on 23 February 2018. Phew! Try saying all that in one breath! But I digress.

With “New Blood”, my lesson was “Don’t judge an album by the first song”. Were I to have only listened to the opening track, “God”, I may not have picked it up – and I’ll have missed out. This band’s songcraft truly evolves with every track. That said, there are things I like about the album opener: the guitar that winds up like a great rock ‘n roll propeller; and the riffing that follows on. Mart handles both the normal pitch and the growl competently, but admittedly I’ve gotten used to the contemporary death metal grunt that registers even lower on the vocal scale. Continue reading »