The Devil Wears Prada – “Space” EP

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Dec 272016

thedevilwearspradaspaceepThe American Metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada is back with their second EP called ‘The Space EP’. Since the very beginning of the band in 2005, they released 6 albums and 1 other EP. Their first cd was called ‘Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord’ and ceme out in 2006. However, the most remembering album was ‘Plaques’ (2007) and was their great breaktrough with song like ‘HTML Rulez DOOd’ and ‘Hey John What Is Your Name’. In 2010 they released an EP called ‘The Zombie EP’ (2010) and that one was focused on one theme. After two more albums and five years they decided to make another theme-based EP: The Space EP (2015).

Planet A is the first song of The Space EP and is a great opening song that lets see what you can expect of the rest of the EP: a lot of variation of metalcore and nice breakdowns with a mix of clean vocals and some raw screams. Continue reading »

Thousand Foot Krutch – “Exhale”

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Aug 242016

Exhale_2016_72fThousand Foot Krutch’s Exhale (2016), a companion record to 2014’s Oxygen: Inhale, is a good sounding record: it fits the intended mold – radio-friendly hard rock with an encouraging message. The song structures are what you would expect from this band, but what was stand- out was the gritty, dark, down-tuned guitars tinted with some good ole’ Southern twang. Certainly there were some metallic moments in the chugging of the guitars but what makes the record shine is the production, courtesy Aaron Sprinkle.

The sound, and the spacing of all the tracks was clean and accessible. All the layers are easily heard and they stay that way. Perhaps the ear dulls a little after the record gets going, for sometimes in excellent production values some other values are dispensed, such as musical variety and complexity. Every song was predictable in its flow and structure (which clearly is what they are going for!), but one looking for juicy details to dig into and re-listen to – as to find depth and meaning – perhaps will not find such things on this album.
Continue reading »

Hypersonic – “Existentia”

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Jul 302016

Existentia (2106)Hypersonic, a symphonic power metal band, hailing from the beautiful city of Belpasso, Catania, situated on Sicily’s east coast, are out with their second full length album, Existensia, recorded and released by Revalve Records on May,2016. Formed almost a decade ago, this band is the brainchild of Salvo Grasso and Emanuele Gangemi. The band in its initial years saw quite a few line-up changes, things started shaping up when back in 2008 Alessia Rapisarda decided to join in on the vocals.

The band released its first Eponymous Inspiration in transpiration, which was received well by the listeners and received positive feedback by the metal community. The band recorded and released their first album”Fallen melodies” in 2009 at TRP Music studio, following which they released their first single “Rebirth”. The band toured and played in a lot of European and Italian festivals during this period.

Existentia, is the band’s first concept album, which is based on the existence of man and the spiritual affairs afterlife. The album opens up with “The first sounds of Life”, which sets an amazing backdrop and feels like a movie score. It takes its time to build up and while doing so we realise that we have been introduced to something epic. The warm and fuzzy guitars blend well with the piano, and Alessia Rapisarda brings in an amazing flavour to the band’s sound. Her melodic and deep vocals go really well and sets an amazing ambient sound in your living room. The short and sweet guitar solo towards the end is to be cherished. Continue reading »

Holy Blood – “Day of Vengeance”

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Jul 262016

Day of VengeanceHoly Blood: Day of Vengeance put out in 2015 is a solid, dark, mid-paced, crust-covered melo-death record in its own right – no keys, flute or female vocals in this one – but two instrumental interludes and of course, sea-shore samples to begin and end the record. It is complete with death metal growls instead of the brilliantly cadenced mid to high + death growl vocals of the first few records – a vocal style that immediately identified the band, but I would have had trouble identifying Holy Blood from this record! This album includes a few baritone Ukranian/folk singing lines (although quite murky in the mix and sometimes out of tune). In some ways, it reminded me of early Sacrificium albums – minimalistic, dark, and crusty death metal.

After a good number of line-up changes, such as the departure of female vocalist Vera Knyazeva and the melodic guitar players who crafted the Hold Blood sound – Fedor Buzilevich has only preserved a shell of the energy of older Holy Blood records at the cost of vitality, brightness and color. Sonically, the record’s production is murky, with the drums and bass placed in the back of the mix, with the low, murky guitars and death-growls creating a sense of obscurity. Continue reading »

To Cross An Angel – “This World Is Not Ours”

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Nov 132014

The World Is Not Ours (2014)To Cross an Angel is a band I had never heard of before. So I looked them up on facebook and I saw that they have only about 400 likes , so I think I think it’s fair to assume that this is a local band that just recorded their first album. These guys are really Christ-centered, and it shows. All their lyrics contain bible verses, or at least bold proclamations.  Their goal is to “reach those who have not heard the Word of Christ, and celebrate with those who have”.

The first actual song “This World Is Not ours” begins immediately with hard-hitting guitars and screams. It does not leave you waiting, because you are immediately thrown into a pit of heaviness. The vocals vary from eery, raspy screams to gluttural growls. The guitars play a lot of harmonic parts, and tend to get more melodic during the chorus as well. After a guitar solo comes one of the most chaotic, but awesome sounding breakdowns I’ve heard.

The beginning of  “Desperate Prayer” comes with a guitar solo that gives you a very short break of all the heaviness of the previous track. Continue reading »