Ankit Sood

Jun 282021

Cruentis is a Melodic Death metal band that originated out of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada. The band began in 2012 with the lineup of Jesse Dean and Tyler DeMerchant. The band was signed with Madison, Wisconsin-based label Nosral Recordings until the label’s disbandment in 2019. The band is now signed to Hagah Recordings and are out with “Alpha and Omega”, which they consider to be Cruentis’ heaviest, most aggressive, and vociferous release to date.

The band have claimed several melodic death metal and black metal influences, including Kalmah, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, and Opeth. However, the band have been compared to Extol, Pantokrator, Not Beneath, At the Gates, World to Ashes, and In Flames, with comparisons of progressive metal, nu metal, doom metal, and hardcore punk.

The album starts off with “All Hail Nothing” which is nothing short of brutal madness, be it for its ultra-fast double bass drum kicks or the guttural vocals that are paired with heavy chugged guitars. The song maintains the high energy throughout and is sure to give one a high adrenaline rush. “Alpha and Omega” kicks off with a low tonal monologue layered over ambient soundscapes and spares no time to set upon a groovy riff that pushes the song through, and flares out a gut-wrenching guitar solo.

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May 302021

Mangled Carpenter is a faith-based Deathgrind band that was formed by Seth Metoyer and Kristeffor Olson during their High School years. Seth and Kristeffor decided to write the album “Under the Shadow” through much of the 2020 pandemic. Seth recorded the guitars and vocals and engineered the album from his studio in Monterey, Kristeffor provided bass tracks from Connecticut and the mysterious drummer, MACHINE, tracked drums from his lair. Their debut full-length album “Under the Shadow” was released on the May, 7th 2021 via Hagah Recordings (sub-label of Rottweiler Records).

Some musical influences for the band’s style fall in the realms of Cattle Decapitation, Deranged, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Pig Destroyer, Benighted, Cephalic Carnage, Wormrot and Brain Drill. As far as faith-based bands, the band members cite Fleshkiller, Becoming the Archetype, Abated Mass of Flesh, Crushing The Deceiver, Demon Hunter, Soul Embraced, Crimson Moonlight, Living Sacrifice, and of course are fans of older releases from bands like Vengeance Rising and Mortification.

The album starts with a rip roaring “ The Summoning” which is nothing short of brutal madness, be it for its ultra-fast double bass drum kick or the guttural vocals that are paired with heavy chugged guitars. “Clawing the Ark” builds forth the energy with bits which get you grooving and takes the grind to its penultimate giving sort of jarred texture to the song. “Lost and Found” pillages with maddening blast beats with muted guitar chugs and a constant aggressive vocal delivery which leaves little room for experimentation.

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Detritus – “Myths”

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May 062021

Early 80s was the playground for a number of Thrash Metal acts. While the American continent had a number of outliers, Detritus, a British thrash metal outfit was brewing fanbase at home grounds. After a 25-year hiatus the band have released their 3rd Studio album, “Myths” on the 19th February, 2021 under the record label of Embryo Industries. Two years ago, Mark Broomhead announced plans of a reunion tour at the Alive Festival, Netherlands.

In a press release the band quoted, “We’ve created a pantheon of dark gods, a legion of devils more terrifying than anything from our folktales and histories. We have fallen beneath the whips of new overlords; priests of intolerance, violence, hypocrisy and unreasoning judgement. We lay placating tribute at the altars of greed and hate as we walk our endless, unchanging rounds in darkness.”…  “Detritus have always carried with them a message of positivity and hope, preferring to stand against the storm rather than bow before the endless onslaught of soul-destroying bleakness and despair.”

Without further ado, lets spin out the first track, “Myth of Redemptive Violence” which is an acoustic Instrumental track that sets the tone for the album.  “Bright Black” starts off heavy with guitar chugs in a classic 4X4 beat bringing forth immense heaviness which is accentuated with high pitched vocals. Although I would have loved the track to pick up pace during its course, but it fell short of it. The melodic guitar solo adds a bit of flavor. “Tale of Sadness” a ballad, comes up next and Mark demonstrates an impressive vocal range and generally drives the song. The song has great texture be it for the guitar melody or the acoustic outro that ends the song on a cliff-hanger.

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Apr 192021

The American thrash-metallers, Living Sacrifice need no introduction. The band has been on and off the scene and saw multiple line-up changes throughout its 32 years since formation. Having a solid 8 studio albums to their name, the band was set to release their documentary “30 years of Sacrifice” last year which saw interruptions due to the Covid Pandemic. As I understand, the current album is a re-release of its Self-titled debut album to celebrate the bands 30th Anniversary, which is due to release on the 23rd of April 2021.

Living Sacrifice has been known over the years to be quite experimental of their styles, be it the thrash metal days right at its formation, or to the death metal or the Metalcore sound the band adopted later on. The band’s self-titled debut album often was compared to Slayer, but the band’s third album “Inhabit” received critical acclaim and has been known as the bands heaviest. A number of bands, such as the likes of As I lay dying, Demon Hunter, Saving grace have listed being influenced by Living Sacrifice.

Now that I have my hands on their first album (again), I’d be lucky to relive through their sound and take a course down the memory lane. Often a band’s debut album gives immense insight to what the future holds for the band and helps define their fanbase at the same time. Well, without further ado, let me spin out the first track, “Violence” which starts off with blitzing riff blazing its way through glory. The song captures the true essence of thrash metal genre, with its incessant guitar riffs married to blast beats and the staccato-ish vocals that march on and just gets you to the zone.

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Anthea – “Illusion”

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Oct 252020

Anthea, an American Symphonic metal band formed in 2015 based out of California, are out with their debut album “Illusion. The album releases on the 23rd October under the record label of Rockshots records. The band has been active for quite sometime and have been known to kill it on stage; with their tight performance they definitely lure in the crowds. Well I wasn’t able to get much on the bands journey since their formative years, so I decided to jump right on to the album and give it a spin.

The album opens up with “Reach” with immense power and prose filling the soundscape, we oscillate from clean vocals to screams, duel it out on the guitars and keys, the song maintains its melody setting forth the onset of the album. “Eclipse” blasts off with a symphonic aura that resonates and surrounds while the vocals picks up the rugged ruthlessness to progress the song to the next bar. What surprises are the tweaks added every now and then giving an element of mystery making it truly an incredible prog track.

“Moirai” takes us on a duet, with collaborations from Chiara and Diego, and as the vocals hits high and eerie notes, giving the song an atmospheric soundscape, which coupled with the melody running parallel and culminating back to where it begins, but wait changing scales abruptly makes this song a treat to listen to . With “Illusion” we foray into aggression and fast paced riffs rummaging between the deathly growls neatly packed with an amazing amount of melody. There are some interesting sound arrangements which makes it a great listen, not only did I enjoyed the guitar rhythm variations that’s embedded into the songs’ core, but also how all the sparse elements come together onto this song.

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