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My Silent Wake – “There was Death”

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Apr 102018

Hailing from south west England, My Silent Wake, the acclaimed death/doomsters are back with their tenth full length studio album “There was Death”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at 13 Sound in Somerset and Priory Studios in Sutton Coldfield with doom legend Greg Chandler of Esoteric; and released on the 16th of February 2018 under the label of Minotauro Records. The cover print for the album was done by renowned Finnish artist Juha Vuorma.

The band was formed in 2005 by founder member Ian Arkley of Seventh Angel / Ashen Mortality features a variety of musicians(Guest growls and screams from Greg), and is said to be one of the heaviest of their records till date. Having toured extensively in Europe with Norway’s In Vain, Draconian, The Vision Bleak and Saturnus in the past, My Silent Wake has appeared on split albums with The Drowning and Pylon.

The album opens up with “A Dying Man’s Wish” with ploughing chords, heavy guitar riffing and monster growls pulverizing the grey of your head. The subdued deathly growls in the backdrop and the keys play a crucial role in setting up immense doom element right at the outset. The song takes a dramatic and morbid shift as the protagonist finally acknowledges and reaches his end (of life). “Damnatio Memoriae” carries on with the atmospheric soundscape and explains the journey of a soul passing through death as all memory is erased from time, a truly magnificent song with so much depth. Continue reading »

Mar 122018

Known to me as the Co-founder of Orphaned Land, Yossi Sassi is an internationally acclaimed musician having shared the stage with a plethora of artists from across the world, such as Metallica, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman and Steven Wilson to name a few. Haven given a TED talk on ‘The power of music to unite people’, he was awarded 4 peace and friendship awards from cities and governments. That’s not all, he invented the unique Bouzouki-Guitar instrument (Electric guitar combined with acoustic Bouzouki) and is known to play 17 different type of guitars and traditional instruments.

While the music has a blend of eastern and Oriental scales eclectically blended with Progressive rock we do hear a lot of experimentation with tones. The band loves to drive inspiration from different cultures in the world, while listing Joe Satriani, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, and Opeth as some of their influences. To me that’s a wonderful list of progressive influencers and some of my favourites too.

“Illusion of Choice”, a concept album, marks as the 4th Studio album by the band scheduled to release on the 4th of April 2018, the String were recorded and arranged at Yoed Nir String Productions, while the record was engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Liron Schaffer at ‘Black Rock Studios’, Santorini, Greece and Jaffa Sound Arts, Tel-Aviv Jaffa. This concept album emphasizes on the illusion of what we think of is our choice, whereas it may be an amalgamation and culmination of multitude of external factors that remain oblivious and hidden from us. The context sounds very promising and I cant wait to queue it in. Continue reading »

Mar 032018

Matt Knowles, the frontman from Royal Anguish, after a long creative hiatus has come out with a new concept album, ‘Heirs Of Isildur’ having two parts, one that of a Novel/Comic series and the album that follows the storyline. I do not have the comic at the moment so I would stick with reviewing the album alone. The conceptual fantasy universe had been long in his mind and took tremendous effort to culminate. The protagonist wakes up one day to find everything he’d ever known, every place, his kinsmen obliterated from the face of the earth, and he’s left alone to make head and tail of the situation and the times to come.

The album is made available through iTunes, Spotify and Amazon was realised on the 1st of December, 2017.  There are a bunch of artists who have collaborate on this record, having guest appearances by Corey Steger (Underoath), Cassie Morris (Unicorn Death) and Chris Wicklein (Killing Additction). The album was recorded and mastered at Bonespill Studio by Bryan Exkermann (Scars of the Flesh, Screams of Abaddon). I was appeased when I read the Band’s name and mistook it for the legendary fictional character from Lord of the Rings Novel by Meister John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Continue reading »

Fleshkiller – “Awaken”

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Feb 122018

For a lot many fans of Extol, Fleshkiller’s first album has served a long wait. These Norwegian djent tech death metal folks are out with their debut album “Awaken” which was released under the record banner of Facedown records (NA) / Indie Recording (Europe) on the 15th Of September 2017. What started as a side project by Ole Børud (of the progressive metal band Extol) and Peter Dalbakk (of the Vardøger fame) completed their line up when they pulled in Andreas Skorpe Sjøen (of the Umpfel fame) to fill in drums and Ole Vistnes (of the Shining,Tristania fame) to rumble in the bass. Peter Dalbakk eventually called it quits (for familial reasons) and the band saw Elisha Mullins filling in his shoes.

We’ve had a great deal of talented bands from the Scandinavian belt and one thing that’s omnipresent in all their music is strong melody, engaging riffs and catchy chorus, well Fleshkiller’s hasn’t fallen far from the tree and their lyrics suggest Christian preaching. I’ve given multiple listens to this album before writing my review, and that’s not because I was trying to figure out what I must speak of them but because I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of their music. Continue reading »

Alice Cooper – “Paranormal”

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Jan 092018

Alice Cooper, the grand-daddy of Shock Rock is out with his 27th studio album “Paranormal”, released on July 28, 2017. Alice has been around for almost Five decades now and at 69, the man still has an enigmatic voice and pelting out rollicking numbers. This album sees a lot of featuring artists with the likes of ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr., Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, as well as a highly anticipated mini-reunion of the original Alice Cooper band members. The album has been produced by long-time collaborator Bob Ezrin (of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple fame).

The Album features two tracks performed by the original Alice Cooper band (Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway, and Michael Bruce, sans Glen Buxton) and collaborations with the Swedish songwriter and session guitarist Tommy Denander, Tommy Henriksen, Steve Hunter and more. Cooper fondly remembers his Original band from High school “When the original band broke up in 1975, there was no bad blood”. “There were no lawsuits-we had just burned out the creative process. We had had recorded something like five Platinum albums in a row. We were never out of sight of each other for 10 years. Everybody just went their own way. Neal, Dennis and I always stayed in touch. Mike disappeared for a while and Glen Buxton passed away in 1997, which was a big blow.” Continue reading »