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austrian death machineAustrian Death Machine, the Arnold Schwarzenegger tribute band launched by As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis in 2008, they are currently working on their third album entitled Triple Brutal. Frontman/founder Tim Lambesis has issued the first official studio update, which can be viewed below:

Tim Lambesis recently has launched a Indiegogo campaign to help fund the release of a third album from Austrian Death Machine titled Triple Brutal. A tour from the Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired metal project is also potentially being eyed with the funds. An amusing trailer from Lambesis outlining the campaign can be found here.

$63,000 dollars is being sought for the project and Lambesis is offering up some rather unique rewards for select backers. Along with workout tips, etc., you can get the chance to punch him in the abs as hard as you can and also have your initials tattooed on his butt. For more information go to the following Indiegogo Campaign Website.

Austrian Death Machine is a tribute to the great Arnold Swarzenegger movies. It is the side project of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis [all instruments] and California frontman Ahhnold. ADM released two full lenght albums Total Brutal [2008] & Double Brutal [2009] & the EP A Very Brutal Christmas [2008] including the songs: Jingle Bells, Get to the Choppa, Hell Bent for Leather [Judas Priest cover].

triple brutal

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Myspace / Indiegogo Campaign

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