Apr 012019

Poetic Descent have released a video for their new single ‘Pariah’ which also includes guest vocals from Joel Holycross who was also previously a member of Mayfly with Jared and Adam. The video was directed by Jake Wisecup of Wiseup Entertainment. The video can be seen below.

Joel Holycross who provides some guest vocals on this track also works as the bands manager, and was their former bandmate. About the video and track he has said “As their friend, manager, and co artist in this song I am beyond stoked for this. We’ve been sitting on this jam for months, and we’re ready to release it to the masses! I’ve watched these guys work hard in the studio, and in their personal lives to make this work. Everything from getting together for the initial ideas, studio time, and working with a wonderful group of people for this video has been great! I’m glad they invited me to do some screaming on this track. Evidently they’re pretty aight.”

Poetic Decent’s new track includes a little bit of everything within ‘Pariah.’ You get these rapid paced vocals and incredible harmonies from Jared Lacey who has a variety of tones that is harsh and melodic and everything in between. The rhythm created by Lacey’s guitar tone and Adam’s drumming consumes your attention and pulls you deep within the song. You will hear elements of nu metal, hardcore, and of course alternative. The final moments of the song introduce you to Adam and Lacey’s former bandmate in Mayfly; Joel Holycross who is also a main character within the theme of the video. The song goes into a breakdown and suddenly Joel’s guest vocals are introduced adding an over the top heavy touch to ‘Pariah.’ It’s not often a song can include a variety of elements and still remain cohesive, but that’s exactly what Poetic Descent has done here. The song is already receiving airplay on radio making Poetic Descent even more of a household name after ranking them on the singles charts alongside legends like Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch and various others.

Also included below is a video about the story behind the song, which really gives some insight into the song and its meaning.

Poetic Descent is an Alternative Metal band from Dayton, Ohio featuring former members of Mayfly (Voluminous Records)Jared Lacey (vocals, guitar, bass) and Adam Thompson (drums) entered the Darkroom Recording Studio (Piqua, OH) to record six songs with Justin Moore shortly after Mayfly announced its end in March of 2017.

Their music has been compared to bands like Dead Poetic, Project 86, Every Time I Die, Blindside, Beartooth and Norma Jean. All songs were composed by Jared Lacey. Lyrically, his songs touch on topics such as the existence of God, addiction, his mother’s death, domestic abuse, martyrdom and homosexuality.

Upcoming Shows:
Apr 26 @ Central Elementary School, Sidney, OH

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Video for ‘Pariah’ (feat. Joel Holycross)

Video for ‘Pariah’ (story behind the song)




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