Jul 142014

Abated 2014Brutal Grindcore band Abated Mass of Flesh have posted a teaser video of the upcoming Abated Mass Of Flesh single ‘Violence’ which will be released on Rottweiler Records. The teaser can be streamed below.

AMoF‘s latest album “The Omen King” is released last month (June 10th) via Rottweiler Records.

‘The Omen King reminds me of the toughest shows in the pit where you’re having the time of your life but inside you can’t help but hope the band stops playing soon before you crumple into a ball of flesh, maybe even an Abated Mass of Flesh.’

The entire review can be found here.

Beginning as a solo act by Zack Plunkett in the summer of 2011, Abated Mass of Flesh initially gained attention after the release of the first EP “Moth and Rust in the Temple of Putridity.” Since then, Abated Mass of Flesh have steadily been working their way through the underground. In February of 2012, Zack began writing for a second EP titled “Brutal Death.” He later added his brother Matthew Plunkett to the project to take over on lead vocals. In May, the duo signed with Rottweiler Records after the completion of recording the EP. “Brutal Death” was released on March 12th, 2013; they released another EP the same year titled “The Anatomy of Impurity” followed by their fourth effort “Deathcrusher” in 2014. AMoF expanded their lineup and finished writing their upcoming album titled “The Omen King,” which is set to release on June 10th, 2014.

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