May 032018

We are looking for an all-round CD reviewer. This is what we ask of you:

“Basic requirements
* You have free time, that you want to invest in the website
* You agree with’s mission statement and act accordingly
* You have experience in writing articles / reviews.
* Knowledge of the English language.
* Love for rock and metal music
* Work with deadlines for publications.
You have the time and capability to write at least two reviews each month. Continue reading »


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Mar 052017

tmr_webmaster_12b[In Dutch] Wij zijn dringend op zoek naar een uit Nederland afkomstige webmaster / siteadmin met programmeerkennis, zodat we ook snel onze nieuwe website kunnen lanceren (de layout is al klaar).

Ben je zelf geïnteresseerd of weet je iemand die mogelijk geinteresseerd zou kunnen zijn neem dan zsm contact met ons op. Heb je vragen mail ons gerust: We zouden het erg waarderen als je dit bericht deelt via je social media kanalen, alvast bedankt voor je hulp !


Aug 192018

On the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking release of the thrash masterpiece Human Sacrifice, Roxx Records has released a previously unheard original mix of the album stripped of all effects.

Vengeance Rising as they’ve been known since 1989 is one of those iconic bands metalheads should know.  Formed back in 1987 and originally just as Vengeance, the band’s first release was labeled by many including Doug van Pelt of HM as “the most radical Christian album ever released” and for good reason.  At a time when Stryper was considered heavy, Vengeance literally destroyed that concept with their blend of rapid fire drums, raspy shouted/growled vocals and fast guitar riffs sounding much like contemporaries in the regular music world including Slayer and Dark Angel.  The history of the band is a saga all of its own and would fill several pages as it includes band members leaving the faith, internal band squabbles and ultimately some near reunion shows with different vocalists replacing Roger Martinez.

As advertised, this mix of Human Sacrifice does away with all the studio production and provides what many would consider a more real, almost live experience.  In many ways, it’s as if the band set up in a small room and is playing the songs in front of you.  While not quite the same as the previously released version, this one is not a low quality demo by any means and could have stood on its own.  Continue reading »

Aug 192018

Deny the Fallen is a modern metal band featuring two classic Christian metal artist’s (Rey Parra and Jonathan Johnson) from the band Sacred Warrior. The debut release of Deny The Fallen “Symptoms Of Eternity” will be released on Sept. 1st. via Dunamis Records. The official promo video can be seen below.

The band stated: “Guys I can’t think of another debut release that’s coming out swinging like this one EVER!!! Stop and think about this…former members of the legendary metal band Sacred Warrior joining forces with the likes of Dale Thompson, Jimmy Brown, and Stryper guitarist Oz Fox to create a metal masterpiece that is brutally heavy, yet melodic and ready to throw down with any metal release in the mainstream community…folks this isn’t just hype…just listen for yourself…” Continue reading »

Aug 192018

Skillet drummer Jen Ledger has released the official video for ‘Not Dead Yet’. She released her first solo EP, titled “Ledger”, on April 13 through Hear It Loud, a label imprint launched by Skillet frontman John Cooper and his wife, Skillet keyboardist Korey Cooper.

“My mom and dad hated watching it. They definitely don’t love the video for sure”. “I made it more violent at first, but everyone was like, ‘Ugh!’ I was trying really hard to make it feel real and gritty, but apparently, I went a little bit too far.”

“I felt in my heart that I was meant to write the treatment because the song is just so personal to me,” she says. “I wanted the video to feel as real to me and as personal to me as the song does, and it just meant too much to me to choose one of these other treatments.” Continue reading »

Death Requisite – “Threnody”

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Aug 182018

Death Requisite pick up where Revisitation left off and take their symphonic metal to a whole new level on Threnody, even including orchestral versions of the songs.

Florida’s Death Requisite trace their roots all the way back to when the band members were teens in the late 1990s.  The band has a relatively storied past, opening for national acts, signing to a label and releasing a couple of albums before life intervened and the band went on hiatus in 2005.  In 2010, the band returned, release two projects, Prophets of Doom and Second Death as well as shared the stage with a number of bands from Norma Jean to Terrorizer to Vital Remains.  In 2016 the band released Revisitation  to critical acclaim where many noticed the combination of death, thrash, symphonic and progressive elements blended seamlessly into their songs.

Having reviewed Revisitation, I had a fairly good idea of what to expect when I hit play on Threnody, and then a little ways into “Primogeniture” that quickly went out the window.  What struck me first was the overriding emphasis on the symphonic side of symphonic metal.  Keyboards seemed to take a larger role than guitars in many places on the album.  Yes, the comparisons to Antestor and Grave Declaration will remain, but the metal seems to be a lesser component in the overall sound this time.  Some of it can be attributed to the mix which is a bit overwhelming to the ears, making it difficult to pick out the contributions of the individual instruments.  When you see the layout of the album with the metal  versions followed by the orchestral versions, this makes a bit more sense.  Interstingly the orchestral versions of the songs do seem to be missing something as the overall sound seems a bit thin and would benefit immensely  from the inclusion of the bass and drums from the metal side.  Otherwise the two versions are nearly interchangeable. Continue reading »

Aug 182018

Louisville, Kentucky metalband Duhumanize have announced the release of a new full-length album, “Malum Scelesto Ferox”, scheduled to be released on August 31th. through Vision of God Records.

10 new tracks and 1 re-recorded track from their 2015 demo, blast beats and grooves all over the place. Pre-orders are available for the digital copy and compact disc. When you pre-order, you get 5 tracks immediately.

In the video’s below you can listen to ‘As Sodom Burns’ (Featuring Bryon Johnson of Insidious & ‘To Be Spared Of Evil’ (Featuring Zach Plunkett of Abated Mass Of Flesh). Continue reading »